Monday’s Guests on The G-ZONE for our Action/Thriller panel, 4pm EST


My friends it is going to be a busy week on The G-ZONE. Each day I will have a post listing the guests and their bio’s. Here are the four guests I am honored to and lucky enough to have on, in no particular order:


Bob Hamer retired from the Federal Bureau of Investigation after 26 years as a Special Agent. He worked organized crime, gangs, terrorism, and child exploitation.  Much of his career was spent undercover. In assignments lasting anywhere from several days to more than three years, Bob successfully posed as a drug dealer, contract killer, residential burglar, fence, pedophile, degenerate gambler, international weapons dealer, and white-collar criminal.

He worked undercover against such diverse groups as the La Cosa Nostra, the Sicilian, Mexican, and Russian mafias, Asian organized crime groups, and Los Angeles based street gangs. His successful infiltration of NAMBLA (North American Man/Boy Love Association) resulted in the arrest of eight members of what one defendant called the organization’s “inner circle.”

Bob received numerous awards throughout his career including the coveted FBI Director’s Award for Distinguished Service, five United States Attorney Awards for Distinguished Service, and numerous letters of commendation including one from then US Attorney Rudy Giuliani.

                 Bob is a member of the Writers Guild of America and the Writers Guild of Canada and has written for television. He has worked as the technical advisor for The Inside and Angela’s Eyes and has consulted for Law & Order: SVU and Sleeper Cell. He has appeared as a guest on Oprah and Sean Hannity and has been interviewed on hundreds of national and regional radio talk shows. His first book, THE LAST UNDERCOVER: The True Story of an FBI Agent’s Dangerous Dance with Evil (Hachette Book Group, USA, Center Street Press) won the 2009 San Diego Book Awards Association Best Memoir and was optioned by Working Title Films. His debut novel, ENEMIES AMONG US (B&H Publishing, Fidelis) was followed by TARGETS DOWN, the second in the Matt Hogan series and optioned by JamJac Productions.

A Marine Corps veteran, Bob is married and has two children.

Michael Tabman

Author of “Bad Intent” a digital short story series:

“   An FBI Agent.  A New York City Detective.  Cocaine flooding the streets.  Colombian Cartels in control.

  The Mob has been cut out.  Someone must be killed.  Everybody has a motive.  Nobody can be trusted.”

Born and raised in New York City, Michael served as a police officer with the Fairfax County VA police department on patrol, in plain clothes and as hostage negotiator on the SWAT Team, before joining the FBI.  Michael, a 24 year FBI veteran, investigated crimes ranging from white collar to bank robberies, organized crime, drug trafficking and money laundering.  He rose through the ranks reaching the level of Special Agent in Charge. His professional travels took him to Israel, Russia, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. He has been interviewed and quoted on national and local media on matters ranging from workplace violence to fraud and street crimes. 

Michael is the author of two books, Walking the Corporate Beat: Police School for Business People and crime novel, Midnight Sin. 

He has a Crime and Security Blog and can be followed on Twitter @MichaelTabman  Please visit

Benjamin Sobieck

Benjamin Sobieck's crime fiction has been featured in the Amazon Top 100, the national front page of and many "best of" lists. He is the author of the crime thriller novel, "Cleansing Eden," the Maynard Soloman crime humor series and numerous short stories.

His non-fiction work as an online editor reaches a print, TV and digital audience of millions through Deer & Deer Hunting magazine, Deer & Deer Hunting TV, Turkey & Turkey Hunting magazine, Trapper & Predator Caller magazine, countless outdoors books and more. His journalism career has put celebrities, politicians and influential individuals in the hot seat. That edge is reflected in his fiction.

His website is

Lisa Taylor

Lisa has served our country in the military, attended West Point, earned a Bachelor's of Science degree in physics, and attended graduate school. Finally, at twenty-three years old, she has found her calling, and she recently began her writing career. Her debut novel,” The Hour of Tiamat”, was released in June 2011, and she is working on a fantasy trilogy as well as a series of short stories. She now lives happily in Kentucky, working in the local library and living with her sister and two beautiful border collies.







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