Murder of the Banker’s Daughter: The Killing of Marion Parker

From award winning criminologist R. Barri Flowers and the bestselling author of Murder at the Pencil Factory and The Sex Slave Murders, comes a powerful new historical true crime short, in eBook and audio: Murder of the Banker’s Daughter: The Killing of Marion Parker.


On December 15, 1927, twelve year old Marion Parker, daughter of a prominent banker was brazenly abducted from her junior high school in Los Angeles, California, in a bizarre ransom and revenge scheme. Two days later, the girl’s dismembered remains were left behind by a brutal killer, destroying a family and unnerving the entire city.


This caused pandemonium as the perpetrator managed to evade immediate capture, leading to a manhunt by authorities unlike any in recent memory. The horror of the crime was reminiscent of one fourteen years earlier involving thirteen year old Mary Phagan, who was murdered at a pencil factory in Atlanta, and five years later when the twenty-month-old son of famed aviator Charles Lindbergh was abducted from the family’s New Jersey home and brutally slain.


The killer of Marion Parker was identified as former bank messenger William Edward Hickman, a nineteen year old with a score to settle and an appetite for killing.


The career criminal’s capture, trial, and ultimate fate captured the public’s imagination, while putting attention on the age-old vulnerability of children in this country targeted by child predators and the often tragic consequences that rings true to this day.


Included with the story are bonus excerpts of R. Barri Flowers bestselling true crime shorts, MURDER AT THE PENCIL FACTORY and MASS MURDER IN THE SKY, as well as an excerpt of the author’s internationally bestselling true crime book, THE SEX SLAVE MURDERS.


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