Spiffy title hunh? Came to me in Church this morning, totally Divine intervention, besides I know by now most don’t think I am smart enough to come up with it on my own, hahaha. What is crawling around in my head on this subject?  Pretty simple stuff really. Werner Lind, author of a few vampire stories, has dropped an e-version of his full length novel ,“Lifeblood”.   My point is that this title is starting to finally move after laying fallow for so many years as just a print book. The e-book is being recognized for what it is, a very well written novel, not just another vampire story. Werner was way ahead of the curve creating this story before vampires were big again.

Trestle Press was more than happy to be involved, having me re-do the cover, and getting this out in e-book form as soon as possible. Now people can not only enjoy this novel at a reduced price of $2.99, but they can read it in the way, shape and form they chose. Werner Lind is now going to release a back list of amazing stories he has been holding onto and the ones that gets to win here are us the readers. He dropped “The List” a little while ago and that is enjoying some success here and abroad. I myself am fortunate enough to be working with Werner on a project in The Author’s Lab/Collaboration that does involve his special brand of vampire.

Now Werner and his vampires are immortal, his e-book will be available forever. The only problem I see for any of Werner’s vampires is I may have some fun and kill some of them in the stories we are going to create. I don’t want to get ahead of myself and give too much away, but let’s just say you wouldn’t have to wait too long for that news; I am going to drop that bomb in a different post tomorrow. For now, I suggest that if you are looking for a good novel to read, even one that involves a vampire and you don’t care for them, this is the novel for you. Werner’s writing is that strong, that good, his immortal vampires that much fun. Grab something that lasts forever, a great read.           

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