Paul D. Brazill’s “Drunk on The Moon” series volume 5 with Richard Godwin “Getting High on Daisy”

Digital short stories , yeah , I love them. They are cool, quick and fulfilling. This series, “Drunk on The Moon”, has been done with plenty of plucky zest, verve, and style right from the first one by the creator, Paul D. Brazill through this installment done by Richard Godwin. “Getting High on Daisy” definitely has struck a different chord from the rest of the installments, shakes it up in ways that show the Godwin flare, and a bit of his mystique, but all in all, this series has not had a slow installment yet. That is a testament to the guidance and ability of Paul D. Brazill that shows once again why he is considered such a giant in this genre and among authors in general.

I am truly a fan of his work, his style, his approach, and best of all his humble and self-deprecating nature. Listening to him speak about his craft is just amazing. Each and every time he releases something new, he is constantly thinking of ways to improve and to bring richer content to all. Here is a sneak peak at Tuesday’s The G-ZONE blogtalk radio show: Paul D. Brazill will be on the panel discussion we are having; don’t miss it.

Here is the synopsis: “Drunk On The Moon Five: Getting High On Daisy”

Roman Dalton wakes in a flat with no memory of how he got there. Ton Ton Macoute's men are after him and millionaire Harry Nero is engaged in kidnapping and zombification. All Roman knows is he has to find Daisy before it's too late. The only problem is, he can't remember who Daisy is. A dark intense story by Richard Godwin involving slavery, which looks at the genesis and workings of Roman's lycanthropy.

Author Bio

Richard Godwin is a crime and horror author as well as a produced playwright and poet. He has been widely published in magazines and anthologies, including Needle Magazine, Crime Factory and Pulp Ink.

Apostle Rising ,his first published novel, can be purchased at all major retailers as well as online at Amazon and the Book Depository and direct through the publisher Black Jackal Books

Richard Godwin's website can be found here where you can view a video trailer for Apostle Rising

He conducts popular and searching interviews with writers at his blog here

His next novel is due to be released shortly.                

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