I'm through with a project that started more than three years ago, Bum's Rush. I have confidence in the book. So why am I self publishing? Simple, I don't want the aggravation of waiting. Waiting for an agent, waiting for a publisher to listen to the agent, waiting for all the proofing, when I'm perfectly capable of doing it myself. I guess you might think I'm lazy. If that's your thinking, then, yes, I am. So I'm using Amazon, Kindle, Smashbook, and LuLu. In fact, Is out on everything but Amazon. After I proof this next copy, it should be available on Amazon. I haven't done any promotion yet. Still researching all of that. I'd be interested in any thoughts on that front.


It's nice to be back at Crimespace. I'm working on a couple projects, one is a complete change in genre, YA. I'm reading them like crazy, so I can get a feel for it. I'm also changing from writing 3rd person, the 1st person. I still use "he" and "she" and "they" and "them" once in awhile. I know if I've done it and found it, there are three dozen I didn't find. It's all a good learning process.

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Comment by Mark Porter on February 11, 2011 at 12:56am
BTW, Mark Young's blog spot (see other comment) on this matter makes very interesting reading. Ronald S. Barrios (also on this thread) has a great website and is obviously making things happen.
Comment by Mark Porter on February 11, 2011 at 12:54am

Hi, E.A.


Good for you. My first novel just came out via Drugstore Books. they are like a small, indie label. Basically, I got the benefit of editing and promotion and still had to have the thing vetted and accepted. drugstore use Create Space, so I have a foot in either camp. Although I sort of 'have a publisher,' I'm also by virtutue of Create Space, self pubbed. It's a weird position. But it's a great one. My book is tighter for working with an editor and I have learned SO much that I did not know. The editor in question, Andrew Oberg has been brilliant.


Anyway, the book came out 3/2/11 in Kindle, 9/2 on U.S. Amazon and has yet to appear in paperback on Amazon UK.


So far, I have sold a grand total of 4 Kindle editions (1 in the U.S.) and have received one 5 star review. No paperbacks gone at time of writing.


So, there we are; I'm about to start some promotion (have a couple of radio interviews etc) and I think I have the backing of a couple od small book shops in Liverpool. Other than that, I am trying to be creative. Book signings in pubs and cafes, for example. I need the UK edition to be available first, however. I thought I could even set up a laptop, on Amazon and see how many people buy it but maybe that's too hard sell ;-)


I am not in the least bit aloof about self pubbing the whole way (some are). It is the future and we are standing on the edge of it.


Take care and lets see how it goes.




Comment by Ronald S. Barrios on February 10, 2011 at 6:22am

You'll do fine. I self publish and write in the first person, mystery, and I'm doing fine. I'm getting ready to release my second novel in the fall and I have to tell you I wouldn't change a thing. I tried the "traditional" route and was told everyon liked my writing but I didn't have a name so I ventured out on my own and now I'm up and running. It's a lot of work but worth it because with everything on your shoulders you work ten times as hard to make sure everything is right.

I look forward to reading your novels.


Comment by Mark Young on February 8, 2011 at 12:24pm
Congrats on taking matters into your own hands. I am taking the same journey. Check out my blog this week at http://hookembookem.blogspot.com/ regarding this journey.

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