The weather in Boston has been horrible, and we're in for even more. There will be about three storms this week. Yesterday's snow turned to a freezing, slushy rain which froze over the minute it started to get dark. It's not expected to get above freezing today, which means I'll probably be a shut-in until tomorrow. Friday will be warmer, then we'll get another storm on Saturday.

And, I've also had to reschedule the first meeting of The Writers Table. Blast and dang. Can't be helped, though. Everything's been pushed back, so I decided to wait until spring for the first gathering. Maybe I'll find another restaurant by then, too.

If you're in the Boston area, you'd be welcome to join the group. It's a good space for emerging writers to reach an appreciative audience. That doesn't always happen, but it's as necessary as a good critique group for honing your literary voice.

We have a Facebook page, in addition to the website. There's an email sign-up on the website, too. Hope to see some of you at a reading, whenever that will be!

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