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Snow and The Gathering of Writers

The weather in Boston has been horrible, and we're in for even more. There will be about three storms this week. Yesterday's snow turned to a freezing, slushy rain which froze over the minute it started to get dark. It's not expected to get above freezing today, which means I'll probably be a shut-in until tomorrow. Friday will be warmer, then we'll get another storm on Saturday.

And, I've also had to reschedule the first meeting of…


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Creative Juices And All That Stuff

Somehow, I seem to have found my groove. I'm back to writing and it's going the way it should have gone over these past three years of trying. And how have I accomplished this? Damned if I know. I do have a few clues, though.


First, I put a lot more economic angst onto one of my two protagonists (Maggie), the one who's a direct outgrowth of me. Let's just say that 2010 was hideous from an economic standpoint and, yeah, those words flowed!


Second, I finally…


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Della Speaks!

I do hope you'll bear with me, as I work to get my writing muscles back in shape. As part of the Maggie and Della website overhaul, I added two fictional blogs - one for Maggie and one for Della. I've been doing this off and on for years. It's my way of helping the characters develop further relationships with their readers. Blogs and other social media tools are perfect for this. It also helps me develop their voices. In the past I've had problems maintaining the blogs. Time pressures,…


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A Boston Mystery Writer Introduces Herself

Hello, fellow Crimespace denizens. Now that I've had a look around, I thought I'd follow up with a proper introduction.


I'm a 50-something mystery (and fantasy) writer living in the Boston, Massachusetts area. I'm Polish-American and live in the comfy suburb of Arlington, MA with my husband. No kids or pets, although a friend of mine sent me a stuffed cat once, so I left it out on the back of the couch for when the nephews stop by. These days I make my living as a freelance…


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