I think I should make that title into a short story. Here it is December and I'm frantically working to get every thing for year end finished before leaving for a Christmas visit to my family. I have only 8 days to get it all done. No, I can't do any of it there. When I'm with my family my days are filled with the kids, the details of keeping track of everything and the list of tasks my daughter thinks we will accomplish before the big day. And I assure you she works at a must faster pace than I do, so Grandpa and I will be running all the time just to keep up.

So I'm trying to get my books (financial records) ready to close. Making sure my inventory of books is accurate, my website is updated, my next book is finalized, my house is secure, my shopping is done and the Christmas cards mailed, my packing is finished, and now my husband says we should have the neighbors over for drinks...

And I want to be working on my next Claire Gulliver mystery that is already well on it's way to being a reality.

I'm sure I'm not alone and that many writers have the same trouble when the business of living gets in the way of the muse. I admit, I'm just venting my frustration. I need another week inserted in the calendar just about here and I could relax. I understand that a second will be added to time on December 31st. If that is possible, why not a week now and then? I'm sure others would appreciate a little extra time.

Well, I can't afford to lolly-gag any longer while I complain. I have things to do! Happy New Year to everyone, and despite the gloomy forecast for recession, I'm hoping for another week in December and that a properous new year looms for all mystery writers.

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