That on christmas day through the end of the year, we will be airing all of our stories and interviews on our radio station. You can find it here: After the new year, we will be moving the radio station to it's own page.

Today, Monday December 22nd, we are going to be interviewing James Rollins. This should be a very cool interview to hear!

We have interviewed Steve Berry, Gregg Olsen and Tess Gerritsen. We have a lot of interviews set up for January, like Wendy Corsi Staub, Allison Brennan, John Saul, John Lesocrat and John Sandford!

Please check out the website for a lot more stories and the digital magazine. You will see us on newsstands in the new year also.

Visit us at Wonder-Con in San Francisco, CA February 27-March 1st. We are also going to attend Comic-Con in San Diego, CA and hopefully Thriller Fest in New York City, both of these events are in July.

Talk to you soon!

Email us with any questions, either through this website or at


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