Hello everyone,

I would like to let CrimeSpace know that we have Steve Berry as the January Author of the Month. Steve is a bestselling author that has written many books that include, The Amber Room, The Romanov Prophecy, The Templer Legacy and his newest book The Charlemagne Pursuit. We have conducted a phone interview that can be heard this weekend on our radio station, which can be accessed through our website www.suspensemagazine.com/suspenseradio.html

In February we are having John Saul as the author of the month. John has been around for a very long time and written many bestselling books, to many to mention here!!

This week we are also going to conduct a phone interview with James Rollins, that will be on the radio station soon.

We have a writing contest going on thru December 31st. Check it out!

We are publishing a lot of new stories all the time! We would love to see yours

John Raab

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