What do Ronnie James Dio and I have in common? We’re both interviewed in the latest issue of Swedish rock magazine Top Secret. (Scroll down down down to check out my pages.) I think I’m in love with the word “pulpdeckarförfattarinnan.” (Take that, spellcheck!)

The to-do list is rapidly devouring my life. For today: first, make final clothing decisions for Edgar Week and finish packing. Then, after a long day of pre-Edgar girl tech at the beauty parlor, I’ll be braving Friday rush-hour traffic to hit the Mystery Bookstore pre-Festival of Books party tonight from 5-9pm.

Also, a reminder: I’ll be signing at the Mystery Bookstore booth at the L.A. Times Festival of Books tomorrow, Saturday, April 25 from 4pm - 5pm, along with Jan Burke, Victor Gischler, Michael Koryta, Robert Masello and George Mastras. The booth is #411, located in the northwest corner of Zone D, Booth Series 400.

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Comment by D.R. MacMaster on April 25, 2009 at 4:45am

My Uncle Cletus had that after he got bit by an ill tempered badger, but some penicillin cleared it right up.

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