THE HITMAN'S WOMAN by bestselling author Devon Vaughn Archer is an electrifying suspenseful mix of lust, lies, wealth, infidelity, betrayal, deception, revenge, and murder. Now in audio.

Beverly Holland lives with her older businessman beau, Eric Fox. He gives her everything she craves—except satisfaction between the sheets. Frustrated, she picks up handsome and sexy stranger Dante at a hotel bar, who shows her what she’s been missing! But he’s also about to shake up her life in ways she never sees coming.

Beverly has no idea that Eric is really a ruthless hitman or that Dante has a vendetta: Eric killed his brother and now he wants Eric dead. Beverly also doesn’t know that while she’s carrying on with her lover’s potential killer, the man she’s living with is having an affairwith her best friend, Marilyn—who will do anything to make Eric hers….

When the forces of lust, lies, betrayal and revenge collide on a heart-pounding conclusion, who’s going to survive—and who will ultimately be the hitman’s woman?


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