The Past Never Ends Available for 99 Cents

Deadly Niche Press has, for a limited time, lowered the price of the Kindle and Nook versions of my legal mystery, The Past Never Ends, to 99 cents.

Author and CrimeSpace member Dana King writes in his review of the book, "What makes this book stand out for me is Burnett's deft handling of the courtroom scenes. Don't expect to see Perry Mason breaking down a lying witness. The trial scenes are understated, but riveting, and advance the plot in oblique ways. Burnett trusts his reader enough to write scenes that may not seem particularly relevant at first, but will become so later on, so it behooves the reader to pay attention. The rewards are ample."

Here is the Amazon link for the book:  CrimeSpace members in the UK should note the novel's price is similarly reduced at Amazon UK.

Deadly Niche Press is traditional publisher of quality crime fiction for the electronic age. 

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