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Think Mr. Darcy with a James Bond Edge: The Sebastian St. Cyr Novels of C.S. Harris

A former university professor, Candice Proctor writes the Sebastian St. Cyr Regency mystery series under the name of C.S. Harris and thrillers as one half of C.S. Graham. She has also written historical romances as Candice Proctor.

Perhaps best known for her Sebastian St. Cyr series, however, the author brings Regency England alive with her St. Cyr–Viscount Devlin, heir to an earldom, a disillusioned Army officer, and a latter day knight errant. As Proctor notes on her homepage: “Think Mr. Darcy with a James Bond edge…” Publishers Weekly, reviewing the first in this popular series, What Angels Fear, called it a “riveting debut [that] delivers a powerful blend of political intrigue and suspense.” Booklist concurred, dubbing this first series installment a “fast-paced pre-Regency mystery” and prophesying: “Expect to hear more from Harris’ troubled but compelling antihero.”


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