The Blog/Website of the Day is the episode guide to The Wire: I'm sure many have heard about this show that is now over -- all the raves are true. This is one amazing story told over five seasons. Life that is real, life that is on the streets, life that is not fair, day after day, so much depth and excellent characters. Like Band of Brothers, this is a testament to how good television can be and should be. I would also add HBO's miniseries Rome to that list.

The day has been busy with errands. Stopped by Borders to just get out of the house and be out with the rest of the world for a while. It is true that they have reduced their stock in a measure to get their chain back in black. A LOT of books were faced out.

Then I went to a Cost Cutters to get my hair trimmed. It has been since October and the ends were getting yucky and I was just hating it in general. I had been going to Sanctuary Spa for the past couple times (back when I was employed) where they give you a back rub before your cut. Is that cool or what? I know the owner there who is a terrific lady who I admire a lot but I can't afford to go there for a while when all I need is a trim. The lady who cut my hair at Cost Cutters today was telling me that her friend had shot (but not killed) her husband (at the time) because she found him in bed with another woman and invited her to join them. Her friend claims not to remember actually shooting him... She apparently spent some time in jail. And she was telling me she wanted to move to Alaska and would have no problems because she has no ties here after her mom passes and her skills as a hair cutter will allow her to work anywhere. It was a quick session but interesting. I love getting them to talk instead of asking me all me all the questions. :)

Then I went to Walmart for some groceries; one of the main buys had to be dog food as my big baby was getting low. And because they didn't have pig ears there (Tug gets one every night when we have dinner) I stopped by Pet Smart.

After lunch Tug and I had a very good walk and then I went to the library. So a good time was had by all.

Finished THE PLYMOUTH CLOAK by Kate Sedley last night. I'm on a pretty good roll here, four books in six days. Things will slow down very quickly but it's a good start. I had the killer picked out kinda early because it seemed to be the person who could do the most damage to the main character. And sometimes in court intrigue stories, the murder is more personally motivated and has nothing to do with politics. It was a pleasant read.

At the library, I picked up several "next in series" for me by several authors as well as a couple one offs. I'm well stocked again -- actually I doubled what I still had checked out at home. What did I get?

HEARTSHOT by Steven F. Havill (1st in series)
THE CROWN IN THE DARKNESS by P.C. Doherty (2nd in series)
BLUNT DARTS by Jeremiah Healy (1st in series)
AFTER THE ARMISTICE BALL by Catriona McPherson (1st in series)
A SAFE PLACE FOR DYING by Jack Frederickson (1st in series)
THE GOOD THIEF'S GUIDE TO AMSTERDAM by Chris Ewan (1st in series)
FOLLY by Laurie R. King (stand alone)
ROUGH TREATMENT by John Harvey (2nd in series)
THE POISONED CHALICE by Bernard Knight (2nd in series)
LONE CREEK by Neil McMahon (1st in series)
MASK OF ATREUS by A.J. Hartley (1st in series)
361 by Donald Westlake (because he's gone)
STARDUST by Robin Pilcher (audiobook to listen to in the car so not too compelling but pleasant to listen to)
DON'T MAKE ME THINK by Steve Krug (about the Internet for research for my class)
Battlestar Galactica Season 2 disc one (because I fell away after the 1st season and would like to catch up now).

So there you have it. Holy cow, looks like a lot of firsts in series, huh. Ah well, these were on my list for some reason so got them and a couple spur-of-the-moments but remembered that I had wanted to read them at some time. It is sad -- though I want to read them all -- I will probably not do so. Right now they're all bright and shiny in my mind but the time will come when they are due back and I haven't read them but I'll let them go unread. I wish I were a speedier reader.

It was blessed hot in the library this afternoon. They always have the heat cranked so if you go in wearing a coat (like one does in winter) you are soon red-faced and sweating. And when you step outside, the cold air actually feels good. I waved to Dee but didn't have a chance to talk to her. The place was busy actually. It's good to see it used but heck if this town would add to it's taxes to improve the place. It SO needs an update and more room. (sigh) If **I** ruled the world....

So now, the work day is almost over. I've got an apples and cinnamon candle going. Tug is napping on his bed. The evening is getting deeper. Steve has a directors' meeting at the rifle club tonight so dinner will be fast. The forecast says rain mixed with snow approximately 1-2 inches tonight. It was in the 40s today and expected again tomorrow so I'm sure it will be rain and it will be slick in the morning for drivers going to work. Bwa haha ha, not me!

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster

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