Theme music for my Turner/Frank movie (someday!)

Okay . . . let's make a confession here. My two homicide detective characters, Turner Hahn and Frank Morales, ought to be in the movies. Of course I am going to say this; I created the two bastards! Why wouldn't I say it?

But what would theme music sound like? Ah . . . . that's the question. And I have the answer. There's a song out there by a group called Deep Dish called Flashdance. If you find the Haxton W***es Remix version of it, I'm here to tell you it is a kick-ass rumble! It sets the whole movie up for a certain style and pace that'd be a killer.

And maybe for an alternative, Eurythmics has a number out called Missionary Man. Godalmighty! What a jammer!

So what would be your movie's theme song?

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