"There are no winners, only survivors" Frank Gifford

In John Wesley, Rawles survivalist novel, "Survivors," the author is asking who will be prepared to survive after the stock market takes a complete crash, inflation skyrockets and paper money becomes useless.


After these events occur, rioting and looting begin and only those who have prepared are able to survive. The infrastructure of society is disolved, gas stations close and high tech gadgets that are so important to the reader become useless without electricity.


The honorable families who are in the survivor group includes many people with a military background and having a strong Faith. With the dregs of society like paroled convicts and gang members joining the looters, I was reminded of Stephen King's "The Stand," which plotted a force of good against those who preyed on the less fortunate in the battle for the world.


The story is packed with suspense but I was never drawn to the characters and felt that some of the concepts were too extreme to accept. Nevertheless, I was interested in the story and wanted to see how it would develop.


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