Virality , Yeah I need some of that stuff

I want to go viral. No, there is nothing wrong with me; several things have recently occurred to prompt this urge in me. The main reason is I think that Paul D. Brazill and B.R. Stateham have an awesome idea and I am hoping that word of it reaches its intended targets; in order for that to happen we need some help, a lot of virality.

To recap, Paul and B.R. were asked what exactly is noir and hard –boiled?I mean I get different answers from different people. Is it a matter of perspective; is it a matter of geography? What really is the answer? So they say, hey, G-Man, go out and find authors from all over the globe from every corner of it and put together an anthology or anthologies that seek to find out what noir and hard-boiled is like around the world. What does it mean in Russia, China, Australia, South America…I think you get the gist of this.

Now I need your help. We have already gotten some submissions, great stuff really, from different parts of the globe. The thing is, I know these two guys are going to be bugging me, what parts of the globe did you not get authors from?

So I ask you ,I beseech you, I am even begging you, if you know of an author that writes in this style, can write in this style, or is interested in writing in this style, ask them, tell them, point them at me, get them to send us something to make this experiment a success.

Also we have set two dates for submissions to get two anthologies in before year’s end. If you or someone you know wants in on this, just email me so I have an idea who may be in at what time; surprises are okay but we here at Trestle Press are about INCUSION not the other way around. We would like to make sure we accommodate as wide a spectrum of authors as possible. I am including some links and addresses below. One of them is a You Tube video to an old Faberge Shampoo commercial; it shows you in a very simple way how this idea can spread with some virality, use it. I have to think that YOU know at least two authors or want to be authors that would like to take a whack at this.

Here is the paragraph that B.R. Stateham gave me to use for this, it is a good explanation of what we are doing and why:

“Murder around the world.  Is a body lying on the floor with a knife jutting rudely out of the victim's chest the same kind of murder in Calcutta, India as it would be, say . . . . in Oslo, Norway?  Are the motives of a villain in Yokohama, Japan the same as might be found in Stuttgart, Germany?  The art of the mystery/detective story found around the world; a treasure chest of delicious whodunits.”


The submission cut off dates: Nov. 12 and Dec 1st

My email address:

Here is the You Tube video for the Faberge shampoo commercial:

I look forward to getting hammered from emails from around the globe; bring the noir and hard-boiled stories on!!




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Comment by Giovanni Gelati on October 14, 2011 at 6:35pm
Thanks.We appreciate the effort.
Comment by Benjamin Sobieck on October 14, 2011 at 12:15pm
Put it on my blog, facebook and twitter. Got some kind folks to spread the word, too. Hope this is a success, it sounds really cool.

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