Wax Pool 2000

Like a wax pool
Formed beneath the once proud candle
Lies the warm remains
Of a light once bright.

When moments ago the candle bright
It shone upon those
Around the starlit circle.
How hot the wax did burn.

The wheels of life turned round and round.
Into the flame the moth did fly,
Snuffed the life blood
From its ill begotten flight.

The lifeless form
Of still warm pooled liquid
Turning to a hardened state.

The light once bright
In youthful eyes
Grown darkened
By the timeless end.

No movement left.
No flight occurs.
The limp limbs
Twisted and singed.

Impacted thou should be
With thoughts of life's fragility.
Like the pools of wax
From a candle once proud.

Copyrighted © 2000-2009
Roger C. Bull

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