Puzzled? Yes I was puzzled when I saw that this novel was available. There are eight, count them eight, novels thus far in the Charlotte “Charlie” Fox series, Killer Instinct being the
first. What took them so long to cross the ocean is anyone’s guess, but I am
glad someone had the sense to bring it over here. Busted Flush Press has been
nice enough to get them into our hands and I for one am very happy.

I read all the praise from Zoe Sharp’s fellow authors and many comparisons of everyone’s characters are bandied around, but I wanted to form my own opinions. I enjoyed everything about the novel before I even
cracked page one. The size and structure of the novel makes it easy to handle
and read; I like that. It is a mid-size shape and fit easily in my hand,
excellent. The content though was what I was I was most interested in. How
could something penned almost a decade ago be so good yet lay dormant and
unavailable to us the American reader? Mysterious. The Brits were trying to
pull one over on us.

Killer Instinct was everything that the authors said and more. Once I got beyond the language, by that I mean the British terms for different things, and feeling like the BBC
was narrating it for me, I totally got a groove on it and it was difficult to
put down. The characters, the settings, all came to life for me as her
narrative was concise and richly descriptive enough to give me a feel and taste
for somewhere I have never been. I felt I was just a visitor to the United Kingdom,
thanks to Zoe Sharp.

Charlie Fox is an excellent heroine and someone I am hoping to follow for quite a while. Sharp has created a microcosm filled with motorcycles, relentless speed, action, and a take no prisoners, take charge
attitude that is endearing and refreshing. Killer
is just, exactly what the title says. Zoe Sharp has crafted a
debut novel that contains that killer instinct, and I for one am grateful to
have been able to have taken the journey into Charlie Fox’s life for the first
time. I can’t wait to get to the other adventures, bummer there are only seven
more. If you are like me and enjoy this genre of novels, you should get this on
your Goodreads or Shelfari -to read- list and move it to the top.

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Comment by Giovanni Gelati on August 10, 2010 at 5:37am
I am going to read the entire series if I can, character driven stuff like this is wonderful.Thanks for the comment.
Comment by Dana King on August 10, 2010 at 4:08am
I read FIRST DROP a few months ago and was impressed. Most thrillers don't appeal to me, but the story was far more plausible than most, the characters seemed real, and Charlie has enough human weakness to be interesting. I'll read another.

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