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At 4:41am on August 28, 2007, PulpStar said…
Hiya, Liz. Thanks for the friendly invite. Here's pulp in your eye!
At 6:11pm on August 25, 2007, Jackie Houchin said…
Thank you for the invite, Elizabeth. Wow, you like the same books, authors, movies and TV shows that I do. I MUST get your book and see how else our tastes are similar. (I'd be happy to read an ARC if available, and review it on my web page.) BTW, I LOVED Enchanted April! Did you ever see American Dreamer? Another of my all time favorite films. Now... I'm going to go check out your blog and blogging sisters.
At 11:17am on August 25, 2007, R. Barri Flowers said…
Hey, Liz -- how are you? I am enjoying being amongst these writers and readers. Great site! :>)
At 2:15am on August 25, 2007, Cyndi Martin said…
I'm enjoying Poe's Deadly Daughters! Thanks for telling us about it!
At 11:02am on August 23, 2007, Cormac Brown said…
Thank you for the E-vite and "Death Will Get You Sober?" I'm amazed how Crimespace members have some of the best titles.
At 7:09am on August 23, 2007, Elizabeth Zelvin said…
Russ, my long quest for publication includes the story of how I cut out my second (female) POV protagonist at the suggestion of an editor at St. Martin's (who then left). So yes, it's weird and embarrassing, but it's also a better book. My guy has a great voice--and if I write another series, it'll have a female protag. :) Liz
At 5:35am on August 21, 2007, Russ Heitz said…
Hi Elizabeth,
I am definitely on the shady side of thirty, and forty, and fifty, and sixty. In fact, the shade is so thick and dark that it's hard to see the trees sometimes. But I can still see my monitor and keyboard, so all is not lost. Sounds like most of your favorite writers are women and yet your protagonist is a man? Interesting. I wrote as a first person female narrator for most of my published short stories but my suspense novel, CROSSHAIRS, has a first person male narrator. (www.russheitz.com and www.myspace.com/russheitz.) That's one of the great things about writing: you can be whatever you want to be. Anyway, welcome to my circle. Hope to hear more from you.
At 5:11am on August 21, 2007, Cyndi Martin said…
Thank you for inviting me to be your friend! Can't wait for Death Will Get You Sober!
At 4:33am on August 13, 2007, Karen J. Laubenstein said…
Hi Elizabeth, I'm looking forward to reading your book! 2008 is coming so fast! Also smiled at the knitting and the running - sounds like your hands go where your feet fear to tread? (or something like that???) Liked your forum questions, too.
At 9:18am on August 11, 2007, Bernd Kochanowski said…
Hello Liz,

Yes, I live in bavaria.

I wouldn't think that I am the only regular German reader of PDD.

And fine, if you and your blog sisters are pleased.

At 9:43am on August 10, 2007, joe miller said…

Thanks for the support....I want advice from all quarters, so what is the guppies or sister of Crime?

I am in the Georgia romance writers association

At 12:12am on August 7, 2007, Bernd Kochanowski said…
Hello Elizabeth,

I just reread your Interview with Nancy Pickard - and liked it a lot. While I was reading it, I realized, that "The Virgin of Small Plains" fits to small villages around the world, not just Kansas. I myself was reminded of bavarian villages.

And good luck for your new novel.

At 12:45am on August 6, 2007, J. Kingston Pierce said…
Certainly, you may use my "schmoozy-worthy" comment about Poe's Deadly Daughters.

At 10:35am on July 31, 2007, Geoffrey Proud said…
Hi, Elizabeth. Thanks for the invite. Love your blog entries.
At 10:07am on July 31, 2007, Kelli Stanley said…
Thanks for the invite, Elizabeth! Poe's Deadly Daughters is a wonderful blog--congratulations on it and the St. Martin's contract. Death Will Get You Sober sounds terrific!

BTW, I love your "Shades of Moral Ambiguity" post, too--as an old "D&D" player, I think the order/chaos/neutrality scheme is quite useful.

One other thing: I joined ITW specifically because I wanted to participate in KY, and I've met with nothing but support from everybody--though I don't categorize myself as a thriller writer. Great group of people!

At 8:18am on July 30, 2007, Camilla Trinchieri said…
Hi Elizabeth-your face looks familiar. I must have seen you at some MWA event or perhaps Sisters in Crime? Happy to be your friend and congratulations on your book coming out next years from St. Martin's. Best of luck with it. Ciao
At 1:29am on July 30, 2007, Janet Reid said…
thanks for the invite!
At 10:15pm on July 29, 2007, joe miller said…
Thanks for the invite.

I'm working on my first novel.

At 5:29pm on July 29, 2007, Linda Ladd said…
Hi Elizabeth--it's so nice to meet you! Thanks for inviting me. Congrats on your new mystery novel! That's great, and I love the title. I'll keep my eyes open for it in '08. Keep in touch!
At 2:41pm on July 29, 2007, Dave Keel said…
Hi Elizabeth,

Thanks for the invite. I look forward to a exchanging a few ideas from time to time with my friends on here.

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