We wish to thank the United Network Command--

--For Law Enforcement, AKA U.N.C.L.E., as in Man From.
This show and I Spy were the two most pervasive (or sinister) influences on my creative life. They got into my brain and my imaginations and planted character, concept and plot archetypes that I still use to this day. Napoleon Solo (Robert Vaughn) and Illya Kuryakin (David McCallum still stand to as a couple of the most unusual heroes for any TV series. Although MFU is often dismissed as a James Bond imitation (actually, the Wild Wild West was much closer to Bond), it was actually very original for the time. Its premise has provided a staple format for TV series, comics and movies ever since. My daughter Deirdre gave me the complete series on DVD this past Christmas.
Now THAT'S a kid!

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