Mark Ellis's Videos (15)

  • M'man--Kolchak


    Of "Night Stalker" fame. Although this show came along when I was almost an adult >ahem< it s… Mark Ellis Mar 22, 2008 97 views

  • Along came Joe--

    Along came Joe--

    --Mannix, that is. A PI series I was very fond of growing up. Mark Ellis Mar 22, 2008 94 views

  • The Dynamic Duo

    The Dynamic Duo

    Yeah, yeah, I know...this should be probably be further down the list...even as I kid I knew the sh… Mark Ellis Mar 22, 2008 61 views

  • James T. and Spock

    James T. and Spock

    Two more characters I love, in a ridiculously memorable scene from a memorable Star Trek episode wi… Mark Ellis Mar 22, 2008 74 views

  • Doc Savage

    Doc Savage

    Another character I'm associated with professionally...but personally he was, still is and always w… Mark Ellis Mar 22, 2008 72 views

  • The Wild Wild West

    The Wild Wild West

    Another pervasive influence on me as a child which still shows up in my work all these years later.… Mark Ellis Mar 22, 2008 63 views

  • The Avengers

    The Avengers

    Mrs. Peel and more needs to be said...if you're really cool. Mark Ellis Mar 22, 2008 38 views

  • Honey West

    Honey West

    Okay, so the theme music wasn't all that cool, but the character least as portrayed by Ann… Mark Ellis Mar 22, 2008 71 views

  • Hi-Yo--


    Yep, it's him...the Masked Rider of the Plains...yet another major influence on me. You can listen… Mark Ellis Mar 22, 2008 69 views

  • Good Ol' Kal-El

    Good Ol' Kal-El

    Quite possibly my favorite character of all time. Mark Ellis Mar 22, 2008 51 views

  • The Prisoner

    The Prisoner

    Yet another of my childhood heroes...former Secret Agent Man John Drake (Patrick McGoohan), but for… Mark Ellis Mar 22, 2008 42 views

  • T.H.E. Cat

    T.H.E. Cat

    Sort of the American version of The Saint...about as cool, albeit a bit more grimy. Robert Loggia a… Mark Ellis Mar 22, 2008 75 views

  • The Saint

    The Saint

    I grew up with Roger Moore as Simon Templar, so I bore him no onus as James Bond. The image of the… Mark Ellis Mar 22, 2008 62 views

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