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Review - The Sleeping Dragon, Miyuki Miyabe


Author:  Miyuki Miyabe

ISBN:   9784770031044

Location:  Japan

Publisher:   Kodansha International

Year of Publication:   2010

A fierce typhoon strikes Tokyo one night, flooding the city streets. Someone has unlawfully removed a manhole cover, and a little boy out searching for a lost pet goes missing, possibly drowned in the sewers. Is it murder or accidental? These events bring together a struggling journalist named Kosaka, who…


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Who is Emily Stone and Why Should We Care About Her?

Emily Stone is the main protagonist in my thriller series, Compulsion, Dead Game, and…


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Making the Decision to Intervene in a Crime

Have you ever been confronted with a decision as to whether or not you would place yourself in the middle of a dangerous situation in order to stop a criminal?  Are you one to try and break up a fight, tackle a fleeing shoplifter, or confront a person who was acting suspiciously?  There usually is not…


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EARLY TIMES by J Jay Brighton February Release


     When a antique dealer leases an old bank building in a small northern California town, she’s unaware of the evil that comes with the bank’s gruesome history and…


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An Update After Yesterday's Events

After yesterday's news about my publisher and I parting ways, I figured it was a good time to do three things:

1) Head to the grocery store for some frozen Prozac. Sawbones says drinking is bad for the kidney they plugged into me a couple…


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Truth IS stranger than Fiction

In real life, when we hear of someone doing something bizarre or out of character, we often wonder, “What on earth possessed him to do that?” And, if we know the person, we might even think “That’s not like him.” But, since we know that he did it, we have no choice but to shrug our shoulders, shake our heads, accept it and move on. It happened; it’s a fact. In real…

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"A truth that's told with bad intent beats all the lies...you can invent." Blake

In 1892, in Portland, Maine, Maggie Keene's body is found. It appears to be a ritual killing. Her body is severely mutilated.

Deputy Sheriff Archie Lean is the primary investigator. He's assisted by Percival Grey, a brilliant criminalist who is half Indian and a Pinkerton.


The author does a good job in describing the characters but still they don't…


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Lethal migration

Last year 1500 migrants died on their way to greener pastures in Europe. How desperate they must be? Meanwhile the industrialised world enacts more severe laws against migrant workers, rather, economic luck seekers, as if aiming at a better life is a crime! History should have made us wiser: against the worst barriers, people have been moving to a better place to work and earn.

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Fantastic week for crime fiction

Crime fiction readers are advised to check out the latest releases from two of the genre's best writers. George Pelecanos' WHAT IT WAS and Walter Mosley's ALL I DID WAS SHOOT MY MAN. I loved both novels and posted reviews singing the praises of both books on Amazon.

Phillip Thomas Duck

author of TRIAGE: A…


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Are you a writer without a finished manuscript?

I might be able to help you accomplish the goal of finishing your manuscript.

Over ten years ago I wrote my first mystery novel. Couldn't find an agent and finally one told me it was written in the wrong style for a mystery. Back then, I didn't know there was a certain format for a mystery. I've read the books and used Evan Marshall's "The Marshall plan for novel writing" to finish and publish a different novel last July. I have since written another novel and rewritten the original…


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For your reading entertainment . .

If you've never read one of my 'Smitty' stories, here's your chance.  Over in Aldo Calcagno's excellent Darkest Before The Dawn 'zine is my story, 'First Kill.'  A little history about Smitty goes a long way, kiddies.  Take a look.  Hope you like it.


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Great blog for book lovers

one of my favorite local authors, Richard Gazala, started an interesting new blog. He mentioned me in his first post, so I thought I’d share the link with you. So far, Rich’s blog has been well worth the reading. http://www.rgazala.blogspot.com

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The Drop - Michael Connelly

Harry Bosch returns in Michael Connelly's latest book - The Drop. Harry has three years left until mandatory retirement kicks in. He's working in the cold case squad now. When he and his…


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Review - Wink Murder, Ali Knight

Book Title:   WINK MURDER

Author:  Ali Knight

ISBN:   9781444715330

Publisher:   Hodder & Stoughton

Year of Publication:   2011

Kate Forman has an enviable life: a loving family and a perfect husband, Paul.  But late one night Paul comes home drunk and covered in blood, mumbling about having killed something - or someone.

When an attractive young woman who works for Paul is found murdered, Kate's suspicions about what he has really done send her on an…


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How long does it take you to write a crime novel? Pauline Rowson discusses on completion of the eighth in the DI Horton series

It's always a scary moment when I press that send key and the completed MS for the next DI Andy Horton crime novel wings its way through the ether to my publisher, but yesterday was D Day and off DI Horton number eight went. I always…

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New Blog

I've updated my blog and given it a new mission and title.  The new title is The Pain and The Joy.  It is intended to explore what we do as writers.  You can find it here: The Pain and The Joy.  I'd like to invite all of you to take part and share your inner feelings about writing.

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