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Review - By Any Means, Ben Sanders

Book Title:  BY ANY MEANS

Author: Ben Sanders

ISBN:  9781869508777

Location:  Auckland

Series:  Sean Devereaux

Publisher:  Harper Collins

Year of Publication:  2011

Friday rush hour. Auckland City. A lone shooter fires across a packed street and kills a man. Detective Sergeant Sean Devereaux is assigned the case. He's not complaining. His Friday nights are seldom better spent.

But the inquiry is not straightforward. Witness accounts are conflicting.…


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Trial of Outlaw Frank James Begins - 1883

This is my first blog post on Crime Space...I'm the author of "Murder & Mayhem 52 Crimes that Shocked Early California 1849-1949" (2012, Schiffer). I have a regular blog at that has spotlighted crime stories and other things for the past year. Visit my author website for more…


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New E-Book

Wanted to pass this along;



Kidnapping, Murder,

and Dark Pasts Collide in


by Ronald Tierney


A Dutton Guilt Edged Mystery…


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No Bones about Writing Bad Guys

When I outline bad guys for my novels, it often reads like a police rap sheet and a psychological profile.  I can’t overstate the effectiveness for research and outlining in fiction writing.  There’s always those little pieces of nuggets that you can weave into the story that gives it the added realism and authenticity.  These nuggets are like pieces of gold for me and I love hunting for…


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C3 Conference planning

Today I talk about how we decided on the schedule for the Creatures, Crimes and Creativity conference on my blog, Another Writer's Life!

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The Orphan Master - Jean Zimmerman

 Jean Zimmerman is the published author of many non fiction books, but The Orphan Master is her fiction debut.



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Notes from Los Angeles

Last night, I drove to Beyond Baroque, a literary mecca in Venice, to see Ara Shirinyan speak. Ara teaches with me at Mt. SAC, and he writes poetry. Lately, he has been writing found poems almost exclusively.


Found poets are people who find their poetry in other people’s writing. They find a phrase or even paragraph and turn it into poetic form as a way to observe the world. It sounds like a short cut to writing – possibly even…


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The Survivor - Gregg Hurwitz

  The Survivor is Gregg Hurwitz'slatest book - following on the heels of his previous bestseller - You're Next.

The Survivor is one of the thriller books I love to devour - everyday, little guy put into an untenable situation with everything…


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Another Five-Star Review!

Here's what cori67 posted about Blood and Bone on

"Throw away the rule book. Hannibal Jones is a complex man with interesting relationships and a job that keeps him on his toes. He is approached by the one of the partners where his girlfriend is an attorney to help find a man. Eighteen years ago he disappeared and now his 18 year old son Kyle is dying of leukemia. His missing father might be the only blood marrow donor match. The catch? Hannibal has less than three weeks…


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MASTERS OF TRUE CRIME Anthology Now in eBook and Print

MASTERS OF TRUE CRIME: Chilling Stories of Murder and the Macabre, is a true crime anthology edited by bestselling crime writer R. Barri Flowers, featuring seventeen gripping true stories by all stars of the genre, such as Harold Schechter, Katherine Ramsland, Burl Barer, Carol Ann Davis, Robert Scott, Cathy Scott, Amanda Lamb, and Camille Kimball…


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DANGER IN TIME: Teen Time Travel Mystery in eBook, audio, and print


DANGER IN TIME is a teen time travel mystery by bestselling author R. Barri Flowers, now in eBook, print and audio.


When a 16 year old girl suddenly finds herself ten year back in time, with the help of an antique clockwatch, she comes face to face with her 16 year old older sister who died that year in a car accident. Of…


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A Great New Thriller

I interviewed Gregg Hurwits about his recent novel, The Survivor. This thriller features complex characters thrown into impossible situation that generate nerve-shattering suspense. Read my entire review here.

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Hello everyone

I had completely forgotten about the pending status of my Crimespace membership, and while checking out my spam folder, my approval was there. 

I'm happy to be here and hope to connect with others of like mind.  

I published my first cozy mystery, Armed and Outrageous - An Agnes Barton Mystery May 1,2012. Agnes Barton is seventy-two and her partner in crime Eleanor Mason is eighty-two, but that doesn't stop them from investigating when a tourist disappears. The backdrop for my…


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The Publishing Life

Today I explain why we're NOT chasing a blockbuster at Intrigue Publishing, and what we ARE looking for, on my blog, Another Writer's Life.

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Zoo mystery, Hitchcock, Sunny Frazier, Law & books, giveaways and more in new KRL issue

In the new issue of Kings River Life mystery author/lawyer Leslie Budewitz shares about writing law in fiction


Also we have a review of Leslie Budewitz's non-fiction, Agatha winning book, "Books, Crooks & Counselors", on writing law in mystery novels & you have a chance to win a copy of the book…


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Alpha is Here!

I know it seems as if I’m changing my blog schedule weekly. What I list as topics for the next week’s blog doesn’t always appear. I’ve delayed some things or postponed topics because of mitigating circumstances. My topics get pushed aside for author interviews because I want to do my part to promote others.


Part of the problem has been I’ve been…


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The Femme Fatale and the Bad Boy are Sister and Brother

You've met her.  Maybe not in person, but she appears in almost every James M. Cain and Raymond Chandler novel.  Pulp fiction would have never gained an audience without her.  She appears in movies and in novels of all types today.  The femme fatale -- the sexy, seductive woman who leads men to destruction.

Women wonder why men are so stupid they can't recognize her for what she really is.

You've met him.  Maybe not in fiction,…


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Off the Grid - P.J. Tracy

I picked up the first Monkeewrench book back in 2003 when the cover caught my eye. Off the Grid marks the sixth book in this series by mother/daughter writing duo…


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Review - Summertime Death, Mons Kallentoft


Author:  Mons Kallentoft

ISBN:   9781444721577

Location:   Sweden

Series:   Malin Fors

Publisher:   Hodder & Stoughton

Year of Publication:   2012

As the temperature in Sweden reaches a record-breaking 45º, forest fires break out. All those who have failed to escape Linkoping for the summer take shelter indoors, shocked and paralysed by the heat.

However, when a teenage girl is discovered naked and bleeding in the…


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Can a Man Write Realistic Romance Within a Crime Novel? My interview ...

Can A Man Write Romance? (How About Me?)…


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