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R. Thomas Brown, author of "Old Man Coyote", Guest Post



One of the difficult things for me when describing my work (either when self-publishing or when querying an agent or publisher) is to place it within a genre. My stories play with crime, some elements of noir, but not all-in in most cases. I include the supernatural when the story feels right, but it’s not quite horror, but doesn’t feel much like dark…


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McDroll "Kick It"

I think the title should have just been “Kick A$%”. This grouping of flash fiction is in your face and fast paced. There is a very good reason why this title has been charting on Amazon Kindle UK literally within hours of its release, it is that good. The characters are rich, the prose is just to the point, punch you in the gut tight, and the speed at which McDroll delivers the action is blinding. I for one am a fan and a reader won over, no questions asked.

Here is the synopsis and…


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Graham Smith to release “11 The Hard Way” with Trestle Press!

Graham Smith is teaming up with Trestle Press to release “11 The Hard Way”. It is set for release November 16, 2011. Here is what you can expect from the stories, and a brief bio:

“11 Hard boiled stories of murder, misconception and mayhem. Nothing ends as expected. Everything can change in an instant. Tense, thrilling and funny. You’ll be cheering on, laughing at and…


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John Hansen Guest Post

How To Write A Crime Fiction Anthology

You are all familiar with anthologies. Maybe you love them, maybe you hate them, or maybe you are on the fence about them. Nevertheless, you are familiar with them. But haven’t you ever wondered about how an anthology is put together from an editing author who is undergoing that process this very moment?

Most often an anthology is put together this way: the editing author picks a theme, requests submissions, chooses their…


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Benjamin Sobieck “Maynard Soloman and the Job Nabbin' Illegal Immigrants”

I don’t know at times what to say about this series by Benjamin Sobieck. Maynard Soloman is so funny, his views so skewed,  and his politics so out there, that one can only help but laugh their butt off when reading this.

True Story: I was reading this on my Kindle waiting to pick up my youngest daughter at school. I was laughing so hard reading the bonus material, the recipe for Maynard’s Hamburgers, that I was getting those sideways glances. I really didn’t care; sometimes you just…


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Indie Press, Trestle Press, Hits Grand Slam!!! Wait, There is More….

“Amish Knitting Circle” now occupies the numbers 2,3,4,5 rankings in short story fiction in all of Amazon Kindle, not just category, overall. Check it out here:

They also are…


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McDroll, author of "Kick It" Guest Post

Me? A published writer? Don’t be daft…. Yet this week, it actually happened. Still can’t quite believe it but I’m loving every single minute of it. It’s been great to see the look on my colleagues’ faces when I’ve told them. Had all sorts of responses from, ‘Well, you’ll be self publishing,’ to ‘Oh, an e-book, not a proper book.’ Well, stuff the lot of them! Trestle Press is going all out to get some great writers out there so that people can read some fresh new fiction. And e-books…do you…


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The G-ZONE- ONE HOT WEEK- November 7th

Another barnburner of a week here on my blogtalk radio show, The G-ZONE. We start off the week with Amazon Kindle #1 Best-Selling author Karen Anna Vogel. She is releasing her new novel “Knit Together: An Amish Knitting Novel” Monday, so we will be discussing that along with her plans for here her Best-Selling “Amish Knitting Circle” digital short series. Here is the lineup of guests and the times they will be on:

Monday: Karen Anna Vogel-6pm EST

Tuesday-Stuart Nager- 4pm…


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B.R. Stateham discusses his journey with Turner & Frank

 My Two Old Friends

            As a writer, characters come and go.  Sometimes writers create a single novel.  They populate it with intriguing characters and an interesting plot.  Yet once it's finished they pop it off to their publisher and wash their hands of it.  The novel is down.  The characters forgotten.  Time to move on to the next project.

            Not me.  Since the moment I wrote my first story there were two things I wanted to achieve; create unforgettable…


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Paul Grzegorzek to release “The Follow” with Trestle Press

Paul Grzegorzek will be releasing the novel “The Follow” with Trestle Press. Here is the synopsis of the novel and Paul’s biography:

“The Follow is a crime novel set in Brighton on the south coast of England.  It's a beautiful, vibrant City, but also the drug death capital of the country and full of heroin and crack and the associated crime that goes with it.

The main Character, Gareth Bell, is a thirty-something police officer working on the intelligence unit, which doubles as…


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An Experiment, for us it is Number One, starring Nigel Bird

Are there any absolutes right now in this wide open frontier known as digital publishing? I think not. What I do know is that there is plenty of what I do not know, and that is: what is the best price point for a piece of work? How much should it be sold for? Why do readers buy one story but not another?

When I have totally understood that and write the book on it, I will tell you. As it stands now we at Trestle Press put our stories up with very easy to understand price tags: $.99…


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A Scattering of Ashes

I’ve been writing since I was 13.  I’d recite tales of Conan the Stamp Collector in the schoolyard and have my friends in stitches.  I saw my first story published in a newsletter back in 1992 for the Creative Writers’ Sig.  They weren’t very good, but I certainly had a passion for it.  My time in the Army has been rich with characters and events from various dangerous parts of the world.  I began to think seriously about publishing short stories a few years ago after I completed a tour of…


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