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Writing dialogue

Writing believable dialogue in fiction is a long way from dialogue in 'real life' which is peppered with a chaos of ums and ahs, you knows, basicallys and many more superfluous words and fillers. If used in a novel or short story these fillers will only serve to slow the flow and frustrate the reader. Likewise in reality we eat, watch television, cook meals, bathe, spend and waste time on the Internet, visit family, friends and sick relatives, shop and clean. But if included…


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Whirlwind book tour of the North East of England

I’m back from a highly successful whirlwind mini tour of the north east of England, my second in six months and I’m delighted to say I was met once again with very friendly people and some avid fans of my marine mystery crime novels.

The first stop was Washington Town Centre Library, yes, home of George Washington the first President of the United States of America, 1789 to 1797, whose ancestors settled in Washington, England, then called…


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Researching novels-before writing first drafts or as you write?

I am often asked how I research my novels. I know that some writers prefer to do all their research up front before they begin writing the novel but I like to do some basic research when the idea for the novel occurs to me and while I flesh out an outline plot, and then start writing the first draft, while the research is incomplete.

Why this way? Because once I have the basics of the plot, characters and research I can’t wait to start the…


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Marketing Activity - Reading The Results

Read an e book Week is now over for another year. My crime thriller novel, In For The Kill, was offered as a free e book for one week only, between 7-13 March 2010. Some authors wouldn’t agree with giving away free copies of their novels but sometimes it is a good way…


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My crime and thriller novels are featured on The Book Depository's web site

I'm tickled pink to have been chosen by major online retailer, The Book Depository, as one of their Authors of the Month to appear on their Featured Crime and Thriller Page. I have a special tab in the crime/thrillers section (Pauline Rowson) where my crime and thriller novels appear alongside fellow crime writer, Graham Hurley,…


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Avoiding Repetition

Working on the next Inspector Andy Horton, the sixth in the series, I am reminded of a question a reader asked me at a talk I gave recently. How do prevent repeating yourself? The answer can be both with great difficulty, and do I need to worry about this anyway?

Once you find an author you like you search for other novels he or she has written because the style of the writing appeals to you. Therefore a degree of repetition is part of…


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There's a lot going on in March - writing and speaking events

Aside from putting the finishing touches to the Inspector Andy Horton novel I’m writing there are a clutch of events happening in March.

Firstly, my crime thriller novel In For The Kill is being featured in Read an E…


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