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Happy Day!

Two reasons to be happy today-we arrived safely in Indiana after two

breakdowns with the motorhome on interstate highways, and two wrecks

ahead of us, one of which caused us to have to leave the highway and

detour. We arrived yesterday, weary and not too happy.

We're at the motorhome factory service place to get some repairs

done. Never fun, but necessary.

Second reason to be happy is much better. A story I had published back in 1993 has been republished in… Continue

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More words

Not that I think anyone is reading this!

But the last three days I've done my 1,000 words, and today I tweaked my agent query and sent one out.

I guess I should mention I was nominted for a Derringer which sure

goosed, I mean encouraged me. I have been reading the

nominations, and they are all so good! Wow. It's going to

be hard to vote.

The weather has improved down here in Port Aransas, and the birds have

been coming to the pond outside… Continue

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A Pattern?

Okay, I think I'm beginning to see a pattern here. I've had

several rejections lately (which proves I've been submitting), and of

course I'm bummed. But I think they also tend to prevent me from

writing the day I receive them.

Today we drove into Corpus Christi so I could have my ear checked which

had an infection--it's all better. But that broke my routine of

writing in the morning. Yesterday I did my 1,000 words, but

didn't submit anything. Today… Continue

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Took the weekend off, and Monday, too!

So, should i feel guilty? Do you feel guilty when you don't write

every day? I don't feel bad about Monday because I attended a

writer's group meeting here in Port Aransas--a great group of

folks. That happened in the morning, the time I usually write,

and since I did housework in the afternoon, I was quite tired by

evening, so didn't write then, either.

Today, though I did my 1,000 words right when I got up, and started

working on submitting a… Continue

Added by Jan Christensen on April 4, 2007 at 2:34pm — 1 Comment

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