It seems to me that there are precious few groups or communities for folks that write true crime. I am constantly looking for a group but everything seems geared toward thriller, mystery or fiction crime writers. Any info?

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Umm, you're asking that question on a site for crime fiction writers. Have you checked the internet for true crime sites?
Um, I know Im asking this on a forum for crime writers. Where better? Of course Ive checked the internet for groups. I just said that.
I don't know if this well help, but Laura James has a fantastic True Crime Blog site. I find the stories and reviews fascinating. I would check into that if I were you.
Hope that helps.
Thanks! That is a fun read. I just find it strange that Ive had such trouble finding something exclusely for TC writers. Seems ike there would be tons.
i would keep looking. i'm sure it's out there. truly I am. I'll check around too.
Maybe there really isn't anything out there for True Crime writers, and it's time to start a group with that as its focus. That's how I ended up running Backspace - basically, my partner and I just created the kind of writers discussion forum we were looking for ourselves.

If you do, the ning software is really versatile and easy to use - I set up a private group for the ITW Debut authors using ning in just a few hours. Good luck!
I have considered it. But dont know if I have the time to devote to make it succesful. Definetly something to think about!


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