LCC 2008 in Denver is going to be my first convention!

I don't mind telling you that I am excited as all hell and a bit scared as well. I am lucky that it's my town, so I have the advantage of being in familiar surroundings. But I am meeting so many people I have had contact with here, Murderati, The Outfit and other blogs and forums, for the first time. And that makes me more than a little nervous.

So any advice that will keep me from making a total ass out of myself would be appreciated. Cripes! I don't even know what to wear to one of these things!

See you all there!

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'Member last year, Jack? I bought the first three at the outside lounge, then we had to go back in before you could...
Dennis, was that YOU?
Actually finding and staying at the bar is often the best call during some of these fan conventions. They can be real cattlecalls. The bigger one's at least. ... Also bring bottled water with you. ... Snack stuff too. Make business cards, and chat up everyone. ... Oh, and leave extra room in your suitcase before you go, cause when you come back it will be loaded with books. ... Have fun.

Yes, to the bar thing. Bouchercon in Anchorage was my first convention, and in the weeks leading up to that, I read everyone's comments about hangin' at the bar. That advice sure was accurate!

During the day, things are so hectic, running from panel to panel, etc. Kicking back in the evening (and, uh, very late into the night...) at the bar (uh, read "barS") was just such a great way to meet tons of new people.


Are we talkin' Sleuthfest? I'm all packed and leaving at 5:00 am. Will arrive at precisely 8:08. These people are great.
Ooops, my bad. You're going to Denver. Gee, I should learn to read...


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