LCC 2008 in Denver is going to be my first convention!

I don't mind telling you that I am excited as all hell and a bit scared as well. I am lucky that it's my town, so I have the advantage of being in familiar surroundings. But I am meeting so many people I have had contact with here, Murderati, The Outfit and other blogs and forums, for the first time. And that makes me more than a little nervous.

So any advice that will keep me from making a total ass out of myself would be appreciated. Cripes! I don't even know what to wear to one of these things!

See you all there!

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I have been told that, unless otherwise specified, a fedora and trench coat are required.

This specification always makes me think, "Yeah? And under that?"

Relax. Maybe limit yourself to three sentences of gushery per literary giant. Read what Konrath and Dusty have to say about going to a con. Then consider doing the opposite.

You'll have a great time. Wish we could be there to hear Elaine Viets's keynote. Please cheer triple-loudly to compensate.
Just have a great time! Go and speak to everyone (including me please!) Don't feel shy - everyone is lovely. I was hooked after my first LCC in Portland a few years ago. It's wonderful to catch up with old friends, and make new ones. Don't worry about going to every single panel there is - the bookroom, the bar and the lobby are great places to catch up with people and if you go with the flow it's much more fun. Go to panels with authors on that you've never heard of, or topics you're not sure are for you - I've found a whole heap of new to me authors that way. I can't remember if there's a hospitality room at this one but if there is, do use it because they are usually excellent (and also a good place for catching up with people). If you play poker, there's generally poker late at night (I'm crap and someone has to write me out a cribsheet, but it's good fun). If you want to get books signed, make a little note of who's signing that you have books for and only carry those around - those book bags can get heavy. Remember to eat! Just have fun. I can't wait.

And as for what to wear - everyone says layers and sensible shoes. I don't take account of that advice because a) I am always boring and b) for me sensible shoes have a stiletto heel
Wow, Donna, you're coming all the way from Glasgow. Good on ya.
My book doesn't come out until Nov. 3, so I'm holding off on conventions until 2009. Plus, I'm broke ;-)
I always do! Whenever possible anyway. I am also going to Baltimore this year and then I'm going back to Alaska on the way home (haha!) I so loved my Authors To Schools experience in the Alaskan Bush last year that I'm going back again! Surprisingly, the schools saifd they would have me back even though it's just me, and not part of a proper programme :o) I'm so excited - I had an amazing time. Sorry I won't see you in Denver Grant, but maybe in 2009!
Donna, that was your terrific story on teaching in the bush, wasn't it? Well done; I could nearly see and smell the village school. Wonderful that you've elected to go back.
I think several people blogged about their experiences, but I was one of them, so I will take the credit, haha - thank you for your kind words. If it was me, maybe it was the stinkheads you could smell :o) I would go back every year if I had enough money and they would have me! It was an amazing experience.
What everyone else said - just have fun! Go to panels but don't spend all your time there. Just hang out and shoot the breeze. You will be surprised at how approachable everyone is.

Be sure to get out of the convention hotel at least for dinner or a trip to the pub with as many authors as you can round up.
As a rookie, you probably don't know this, but at some point during the weekend, you have to buy me a drink. It's a rule. Also, wear what's comfortable, and dress in layers, because temperatures can vary widely from meeting room to meeting room. See you there, Ms. D.
I fully plan on it, Jack!. I could never leave out the Spinetingler editor that gave me my first big break, could I? What's your poison?
Donna, Jack, Graham and Tom. Wonderful suggestions.

And layering inside and outside is a must, Jack. Colorado is notoriously unstable this time of year. One minute the 60's and gorgeous. The next could be snowing 12 inches and a blowing blizzard!
Wild Turkey. In honor of Hunter Thompson. Didn't he live for a while in Colorado?
Sure did! Lived, raised hell and died here.


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