What was the first crime novel you ever read? AFTER Nancy Drew or the Hardy Boys that is, when you were an adult!

I'm thinking too. And I realize that I mainly read horror until fairly recently! When I was a young teen I used to grab hold of my parent's Alfred Hitchcock Monthly Magazine. I loved it! But as for novels--I think the first crime novels I read were by Lawrence Sanders. Come on, tell me--so it'll refresh my memory!

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Yes, Cliff notes were a fav, but I used Monarch Notes and the teachers thought I wasn't using anything (I knew everyone else was using Cliff notes)! But I was funny (not). I didn't like being told what to read--so instead I read stuff on my own--good books, but not the ones that were recommended! then I wanted to impress my Dad so I read war novels--all his favorites. Actually I liked them, especially The Young Lions.
Yes, John MacDonald is excellent, although I should read more by him. He did write so many Travis novels.
Thanks so much for you reply!
I basically read horror too....and still do:) I still love most of what King and Koontz write....but in the last few years I have swung a lot to Patterson and Deaver. I like them equally well. I did read the Agatha Christie's and Alfred Hitchcock's when younger also, but I was generally drawn to thriller's.

Yes, thanks for that Loretta.
King and koontz made up most of my reading. I still enjoy a good scary book by the way. James Patterson is terrific. Haven't read much of Deaver, I know I should.
:) I like him as much as I do Patterson. Unfortunately, I'm one of those reader's that folllows the crowd, I tend to buy the same author's over and over....I guess it's because you're paying for it and want to feel assured of a good read. You'd think I'd give that up and start going to the library!:)
I spend so much money on books I know what you mean! I just looked Deaver up and realized I saw a film based on one of his novels--The Bone Collector. will def have to read him!
Dorothy L. Sayers's MURDER MUST ADVERTISE, was my conversion novel. I was working in New York at giant ad agency J. Walter Thompson, whose London office was supposed to be the setting of Lord Peter Wimsey's venture into nine to five employment and the murder on the iron spiral staircase. I'd just graduated college with honors in English and American literature, but I jumped the wall and ran off with genre fiction at that moment--and never looked back. :) Liz
btw congrats on your novel! really glad for you. and thanks for your reply. I can't believe I haven't read Dorothy L yet! confession time. Lord Wimsey put me off a bit. too toffee nosed! but I shouldn't be like that. btw I worked in J. Walter in New York, too--but not for long. I job hopped a lot. marriage hopped too! i'd figure you for honor stuff. as for me, I read true crime so much--it got me into crime fiction (go figure)!
thank you so much for that. series can get that way. I guess it's hard after awhile.
just read one by Burke. He's great. New Orleans was always one of my fav Cities in the world! he captures everything about it. and heroes, well they just go on! they never die, although some were killed off by their creators. my mom never liked the fact that Sherlock holmes got into cocaine! she thought it was very undignified! honest!
I was 13 when I picked up a copy of "I, the Jury" by Mickey Spillane, and I've been hooked ever since.
I just got that in a collection of three of his works, it is hookable!
Probably a Christie.

I'm off Christie now. Also off the Robichaux books. I think I have been going off a lot of authors I used to like.


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