This applies to readers, writers, movie-viewers, etc.: What's your limit on sex, violence, and profanity in a story?

How much does the content of the story affect how quickly you reach your limit?

What's worst-- sex or violence or crude language?

I'm one of those people who tolerates just about anything so long as it works in the story. But, if the story doesn't work, I nitpick like crazy. (Probably because I'm bored. =)

What about you?

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I'm working on the fourth novel in my Logan Hunter Mystery series, and this topic is intriguing me. The first three books in the series had very little sex. However, the fourth one revolves around the porn industry and must include many scenes or discussions about what goes on. I'm somewhat uncomfortable with writing it, but the story needs to be told. Logan, the investigator, is also uncomfortable, and I'm trying to convey that to the readers along with a little humor. I"m moving very slowly with this one. I want to remember what turns me off as a reader so that I create a poignant story from every angle.
this reply thing is a bit mixed up, Susan!
so I hope you get my reply to your reply!
Look, I looked at your page--whatever you're doing, you're doing it right! and I mean it's the fourth in the series, so!
I think you can get away with more, showing humor or discomfort, and it's good to use yourself as a guide--what turns you off and so on.
and also, to want to go so deep as to be poignant--that to me is the greatest sort of writing, as everyone (no matter who they are and so on = have feelings and emotions--those are my whys I look for in books--they make people come alive--fleshing and blooding it up.
and as I prefer that in a book, that kind of depth--I naturally (hopefully) am writing that way myself.
Carole, I did get your reply. I suppose we need to use names in order for our replies to make sense to others. I do wish the replies were listed latest first. I have to go trekking to read the new posts. Are you out there, Daniel? Is that possible?
just send Daniel a message. I drive him nuts sometimes, poor man!
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