So where are your daily haunts on the 'net or in periodicals for information and inspiration for your crime works? What blogs or sites do you find the most interesting?

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I come to Crimespace a couple of times a day to see what discussions and blogs have been posted. (Really. I'm not just sucking up because we're here now.)

I also check in regularly with the blogs of writers I enjoy, and check links from their sites for writers and blogs Im not aware of. Current must reads for me are The Outfit, Murderati, Working Stiffs, The Graveyard Shift, Timothy Hallinan's The Blog Cabin, Crime Always Pays, Detectives Without Borders, and The Psychopathology of Everyday Life. There are others (don't forget The Onion), but these are the ones that stick in my head as regulars.
I read this, Live from the Coroner's Office and it gives me chills every time.
Pretty much what Dana said.
I like it here because of the variety of voices and concerns and because there are a lot of writers here, and readers who care.
For me, Crimespace has been the greatest inspiration.
I joined a year ago. Before that I had mainly been reading non-fiction including a lot of true crime.
I was writing--but I still wrote horror.
But then I came on here because I was interested in writing crime fiction instead.
And the discussions were so stimulating and educational, that I found within a few months I was writing crime fiction. Not anything I was enthused about--that came one year later nearly.
For me, this site is the greatest source of my inspiration I would have to say.
I tend to "tag surf" blogs according to whatever I am interested in that day. One of these days I'm going to figure out RSS and subscribe to a bunch of blogs. I've been having fun lately with
I highly recommend Net Vibes. ( You cans et up your personal pages, with as many tabs as you like. It will go out and verify whether the site you want has a feed, and pull in the feeds you want. I track all my daily reading blogs there.
Thanks, Dana. I'm going to try that--netvibes. I need some way to make this easier--I blog surf too much.


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