This woman cannot live on March Madness and books alone. Any good movies to recommend? Right now "The Lookout," which opens today in some markets, looks plenty good. I've heard positive buzz on TV about it, but the L.A. Times states this morning: "'The Lookout' is a writer's thriller. . . . [Director Scott] Frank has come up with an involving twists on traditional thriller material, but what makes 'The Lookout' distinctive is its strong sense of character. It's that uncommon genre film that has invested time and skill in creating convincing, carefully constructed personalities." Reviews often misdirect, but I hope this
reviewer is spot-on. What else is out there, either new or on DVD?

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Best scene in Anchorman: the guys standing around the office singing Afternoon Delight.
I'm not normally a Will Ferrell fan, but I love Jon Heder-looking forward to this one.
I'm sorry, William, but you have become my nemesis. I hope UCLA pounds Florida
into the ground so it cannot be seen no longer. But I know it's only wishful thinking.
Seriously, I know Florida is on its way to a two-peat. You have to admit, however,
that UCLA is more of a gentlemanly team.

And yes, the fans of the book Peaceful Warrior were so excited when the movie
was coming out. But at least one of my friends was disappointed. Tell us what
you think of it, okay?
Don't take my teasing seriously. Just ask Paul Levine at Naked Authors--
"The Lookout" tops my list. If "The Host" is playing anywhere around you, it's worth the trip. It's a monster movie, but a whip-smart one. Best time I've had at the movies this year. "The Lives of Others," the best foreign language film Oscar winner, is still in theaters. It's a powerful piece of work and a great thriller. "Shooter" is OK. The way the film spins politics fascinated me -- and, of course, stuff blows up real good.

As for DVD, the best crime film of 2006, "El Aura" from Argentina, will be out shortly. Well worth picking up.
Umm, yeah, I've heard a lot about "The Host." I definitely want to check that out.
Reminds me of the original Godzilla movies-- a monster movie with a message.

My mother saw "The Lives of Others" and recommended it. I figure if my Japan-
born mom can enjoy a German film on East Berlin, it must be pretty accessible.

Thanks on the heads-up on "El Aura."
I'm glad to hear The Host is as good as the critics say it is. I've been talking it up to my husband but he's been lukewarm about it. Now I can tell him I've heard from someone who's seen it.
I loved Cache. Haven't seen a lot of these others, but hope to soon.
Finally saw "The Lookout" at our local discount movie theatre. A very fine, well-crafted movie. Actors were very strong. Some elements of it reminded me of "Memento."

I wondered why the movie didn't do better. It was very well reviewed in national media outlets. I don't think that the actors did that whole Hollywood news program ("EXTRA," Jay Leno, etc.) circuit, however.

Perhaps the studio didn't know quite how to market it. Do you think that the setting--rural Kansas--was a liability? Personally I love that setting, but it seems that urban does much better these days.
I know it's not a mystery, but I planning to see MEET THE ROBINSONS tonight and I'm really looking forward to it.
I think Meet The Robinsons looks great, but I'm a sucker for cartoons.
Naomi, are you planning to hit any of the Film Noir Foundation's upcoming screenings at the Egyptian? ACT OF VIOLENCE is a must-see in my opinion and not available on DVD. In fact, the whole line up is amazing this time around.


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