Reading the post asking about people's essential non-crime blogs ( made me wonder if I've missed one about people's favourite dedicated crime-fiction blogs.
There are quite a few regular crime fiction blogs I visit most days: Eurocrime; It's a Crime!.. or a mystery (CrimeFicReader, Wales); Crime Fiction Dossier; Confessions of an Idiosyncratic Mind; It's a Crime (Karen, Australia); Detectives beyond Borders; Crime Scraps; International Noir Fiction. Plus several others I like a lot (Mystery File, Rap Sheet, Murderati, etc). Am I missing anything vital? (Links to all these blogs, and more, can be found on Petrona at
If this discussion has already taken place and I've missed it, please forgive me.

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Hi Maxine - if it has taken place, then I've missed it too, and I look forward to seeing what other people are into. (I'll certainly be checking out Petrona - sounds like good stuff.) To keep it brief (and in alphabetical order), my top five are: Ray Banks, Allan Guthrie, Daniel Hatadi (all hail for starting this community), the mighty Tribe, and Charlie Williams There are others I dabble in. There are sites I love that aren't blogs. There's loooooaaaads of stuff I don't know about or am desperate for the time to check out. But I'm all ears!
Top 5? I'm furroughly flattered, Julie. I better quit hanging out on Crimespace and get back to my blogging.

Seriously, thank you, Julie.
Thanks, Julie, I don't know most of the blogs you mention, so will definitely go and have a look at them. I do know Tribe, of course: he sent me my invite to Crimespace which was very kind of him, and via Crimespace I now know of Daniel H of course. The blogs I mentioned are "reader" blogs, which are mostly run by people like me who like reading detective novels and post their views about them, rather than "author" blogs. Tribe's blog is not what I'd call a "dedicated" crime fiction blog, it is more eclectic (like my blog, Petrona, which is as much about all kinds of things than about crime fiction per se). Eurocrime and Confessions, for example, are very reliable sites to find out what's new in the crime fiction publishing scene; they are great resources. The other blogs I mentioned as daily visits are similar: I suppose I could say they provide an "independent overview of the crime-fiction literature".
Maxine, do take a look at Poe's Deadly Daughters. It's me, Agatha nominee Sandra Parshall, Lonnie Cruse, Sharon Wildwind, and Julia Buckley, with some great guest bloggers on the weekends and periodic interviews (Lee Goldberg, Chris Grabenstein, Carolyn Hart recently, Julie Smith, Sandra Scoppettone, and others coming up). We're at We've been trying to pitch to mystery readers rather than making it another writers to writers blog. (We started on Poe's birthday, a couple of weeks after the impressive Hey, There's A Dead Guy in the Living Room, which you might also check out.) But we are all readers, right? ;)
Thanks, Elizabeth, I've subscribed. I picked up one suggestion for my reading list already (Mr Isaacson's legal thriller), being a big fan of legal thrillers -- my favourite is Philip Margolian.
There are several I look at regularly. A group of us -- writers, editors, publishers, publicists, reviewers and booksellers -- blog at

I also visit Murderati and Naked Truth fairly often.
Thanks, Sharon, it looks like a good site. I've subscribed to it in my RSS reader. Thanks again for the tip.
Thanks for the information on Blogs.
Not to toot my own horn, but I have a site called where I do my best to round up as many mystery-related blogs as I can. Check it out if you're interested.
Thanks, Graham -- I had a look, but it does not seem to have an RSS feed?
CrimeSpot is a great aggregate blog. Really helpful for getting an overview.
Thanks for all these replies. I have found some great new blogs from the links you've kindly provided, to which I've subscribed and shall enjoy reading in future. But I would susggest that none of them is like EuroCrime, Australian Crime Fiction (It's a Crime), It's a Crime!..or a mystery, or the others I mentioned in my post. The blogs I mention are independent, for example Eurocrime has a great alphabetical listing and links to reviews of the books (sometimes different reviews of the same book, providing an interesting perspective). Although I do enjoy reading authors' (etc) blogs in the "magazine" sense, I have found the blogs mentioned in my initial post of this thread to be more dependable (objective?) for recommendations of books to actually read, via their reviews or links to reviews. That isn't to say I don't like the author/group blogs, I do, very much, but in my mind they have a different function.


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