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Tell me why you don't like Mayor.
I've just started the next Tess Gerriten book, BODY DOUBLE. I'm a big fan of her Rizzoli & Isles series.
I enjoyed Body Double a lot. Not so crazy about the TV series ... Isles is so much different than the character in the book. Also not so crazy about TG's getting into the paranormal realm in her more recent books.

I'm halfway through Shortcut Man by p. g. sturges ... yes, son of the Hollywood director. The book is by turns hilarious and hardboiled. If you like Hammett and Chandler, this is the 21st century version. Not for the faint of heart ... or the prudish among us ... (are there any?) You can read a synop at link below

Shortcut Man

I've just finished Neon Rain by James Lee Burke. Great read. Thanks to those who recommended Burke to me when I first joined here.


Just got Michael Connelly's Blood Work today. Want to get that read before I go to see him at the Sydney Writers' Festival here in Australia.

I don't know.  Mysteries are not my most favored genre.  I have enjoyed some of them though.
I'm about 2/3  through the latest Needle Magazine. It's a gritty collection of short crime fiction, POD from Recommended.

Halfway through Connelly's Bloodwork. This is fantastic.


Going to get more of his earlier work to read.

I would recommend THE POET. Great book.

The first Harry Bosch is really good too. THE BLACK ECHO, I think.

Just finished Lee Child's WORTH DYING FOR.  This is a Reacher novel, and Reacher is, as always, a fine character, appearing out of nowhere to stop a crime and bring retribution. I have long liked the mythic aura that surrounds Reacher in the more recent novels.  He's not quite human, more of an elemental force.

Less satisfying are the thriller plots.  We're dealing with disgusting and horrific crimes on a grand scale. Reacher's way of dealing with those involved leaves the landscape covered with corpses and burned down homes and vehicles. All of this is possible because, once again, we are in a no-man's land where such actions are possible without raising eyebrows.

Just finished Olen Steinhauer's THE TOURIST. My first Steinhauer, and I was mildly disappointed, but I think it has to do with the fact that I haven't read any of the others. The character of Milo Weaver seemed a bit unfinished somehow. 


Reading Don Winslow's SAVAGES. I like it quite a bit, though I think he should hurry things up. The mini-essay on the birth of Mexican drug trade was very interesting, makes me want to read Winslow's POWER OF THE DOG immediately. 

Juri, I had the same response to the The Tourist. It felt oddly disjointed to me. Maybe I was expecting too much because I wanted to like the book. 


Tim, good to hear you appreciated James Lee Burke. I've enjoyed him too and admire his craft. I need to read more of him. 


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