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Kristina Ohlson, UNWANTED.  A first novel by a new Scandinavian writer.  Police procedural.  It's really quite good on tension and character.  Recommended.

Just finished Zoe Sharp's KILLER INSTINCT. The first in her Charlie Fox series. I've read the first few that were set in the States, but this one is set in England, as are the next two (I think), before Charlie comes to work stateside in FIRST DROP. Great fun.

On a bit of a short story kick. Just finished reading Tess Gerritsen's JOHN DOE, a Rizzoli & Isles short story. Two short stories by Michelle Gagnon, one in the anthology FRESH KILLS  called THE  CHICKEN GUY and a second on in the MWA anthology VEGENANCE called IT AIN'T RIGHT and a Michael Connelly Harry Bosch short story in the same anthology called A FINE MIST OF BLOOD.

All of 'em were really well written and very good.

Downloaded Chiefs by Stuart Woods Friday. I've never read anything by Woods, but I read this one in very short order. It's been a long time since I read a novel in one sitting.

Tossed a William Kent Kruger novel about Indians.  Strange, I loved all of Hillerman's books.

I had exactly the same reaction to both authors you mentioned.
Maybe I just can't get interested in outdoors types.
On the other hand, I certainly enjoyed the summer tv show
LONGMIRE. I'm going to have to read some of that series.

Magdalen Nabb, THE MARSHALL AND THE MADWOMAN. Police procedural set in Florence.  I liked this one so much I ordered a couple of her novels.  I actually like Nabb better than Leone because I find Brunetti's wife so horribly irritating that the books turn me off in spite of the fact that Brunetti is a very likable character, and so is his secretary.

Jasper Fforde's "One of our Thursdays is missing." Quirky English novelist, humerous, but you have to be British to fully appreciate and understand it.

Having a bit of a wander around in some books by new and emerging authors - so BY ANY MEANS by NZ Author Ben Sanders, and upcoming Australian release GHOST MONEY by Andrew Nette.

I just finished Robert Crais' Stalking the Angel. I also recently finished Blood Moon by Garry Disher. Both were very good.

Now I'm going to read Michael Robotham's Shatter. Won a Ned Kelly award, so I'm hoping it is good.

I'm currently reading Michael Frayn's "Headlong", not a detective novel, which I started on a plane journey a few weeks ago then mislaid. He has such descriptive power. 

In the interim, I went back to the detective stories and read Peter Robinson's "Dry Bones That Dream" and started "Past Reason Hated" but I've temporarily abandoned the Robinson in favour of the Frayn. I'm in the second draft of my novel and I don't want Robinson's style to influence mine too much. 

I'm reading Meg Gardiner's DIRTY SECRETS CLUB, the first of her Jo Beckett, forensic psychiatrist series. Only about a third into it, and its my first Meg Gardiner book, but I'm really enjoying it.


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