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Anthony Neil Smith's THE DRUMMER. Just started it, seems hilarious. Is this the only crime novel that's about the eighties' heavy metal band??? 

I just finished The Sacred Vault by Andy McDermott, really enjoyed it. He's not quite Matthew Reilly, but then again no one is.

Currently reading Sahara by Clive Cussler. I know, late to that party, but it took me a while to track down Cussler's back catalog rather than his newer co-written stuff.

Have fun with SAHARA. I think it is one of his best.

David DeLee

Fatal Destiny - a Grace deHaviland novel

I'm almost finished reading "V is for Vengeance" by Sue Grafton. I've been hooked on her Kinsey Millhone mystery series ever since I read "A is for Alibi."

Sue has created a funny, likeable and entertaining character who solves all sorts of mysteries and she has sustained her character's popularity throughout the series. I'm sad to think that there will only be four more books featuring Kinsey but, as I do with many of my favorites, I can always go back to the first one and re=read them all!

Benjamin Black's A DEATH IN SUMMER.  This is the pseudonym of the celebrated literary author John Banville.  I'm not going to finish it.  Ultimately, his mysteries bore me.  The language is great (he's a master), but the characters are distant and the action moves at a snail's pace while the characters internalize about the most remote subjects.  Somehow, they don't seem to be plugged into a murder investigation. 

I just finished reading Nelson DeMille's Night Fall for the second time, and it was even better the second time. I didn't remember the ending, which totally blew me away. The plot involves husband and wife FBI agents (the husband's a former NYC cop) re-opening the investigation of the TWA 800 crash off Long Island. Many witnesses said they saw a missile hit the plane, but the official conclusion was: an accident. 

But it seems that a young couple were videotaping themselves having sex on the beach that night and accidentally filmed the entire incident with the plane. 

Whether or not you agree with conclusion reached after the actual incident upon which this novel is based, this novel raises some interesting questions.

Lee Child, THE AFFAIR.  As someone else here said:  a good one.  Not all Reacher novels are top quality, and all of them suffer to some extent from implausibility.  This one isn't an exception.  However, it's well told, well paced, and very engaging.  Keep in mind that thrillers are by definition weak in the plausibility department.  Lee Child's are better than the rest. This novel, by the way, explains how Reacher got booted out of the service.

Michael Connelly, THE CONCRETE BLONDE.  Good novel.  I'm not a great fan of Bosch, but this novel moves very well.  As it is a serial killer novel (they do get old!), the juggling back and forth between suspects at the end is somewhat predictable.  The same for putting Bosch's girl friend in danger.  But on the whole, it's handled well.

BLACK WATER by T. Jefferson Parker. This is his third Merci Rayborn novel, but the first one I've read. I highly recommend Parker. I've yet to be disappointed by one of his books.

David DeLee

Fatal Destiny - a Grace deHaviland novel

THE PAST CAME HUNTING by Donnell Bell, a writer friend of mine. It's a suspense novel versus a mystery (you know who the bad guy is from the beginning, but you worry about what he's going to do throughout the novel), but it's very good. I would enjoy it even if I didn't know Donnell. :)

"Crashers" by Dana Haynes

I just finished a great crime thriller by Deon Meyer. Set in South Africa, worth a read.


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