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An excellent thriller/crime novel that combines both contemporary speculative fiction with more futuristic sci-fi elements is William Gibson's The Peripheral which I have just finished. It manages to interweave a compelling caper narrative featuring private drone operators, big business profiteering and a social media performance artist with a much deeper exploration of the philosophical implications of societal dependence upon technology. Cracking book that made me want to go right back to the start to read it over again. In terms of crime comics, I am enjoying David Lapham's Murder Me Dead.

I'm reading The Girl in the Spider's Web by Lagercrantz. It's the sequel of Larsson's The Millennium Series. I was curious to see if Lagercrantz measures up with the Trilogy success. Well, I'm loving it so far, and I think he's doing his job more than well.

Reading Lawrence Block's THE GIRL WITH THE DEEP BLUE EYES.

Its very good, sexually explicit, which doesn't bother me, but might not to be some readers' taste.

I am enjoying "Caught" by Harlan Coben.  I only recently discovered this author.  Call me slow, I know!

Have a great 2016...

Martin Bodenham

And now I'm reading The Girl in the Train by Paula Hawkins. I'm not sure what to think about it. Did any of you read it?

Separated at Death (The Lakeland Murders, Book1)
British police procedural - good character development

18mm Blues by Gerald A Browne.

Been looking for this in eBook format for years.

I loved Browne's books, good thrillers set to a background of the international gemstone industry.

Sam McCain series by Ed Gorman.

Uncomplicated mysteries set in northern USA, easy reading.

Michael Koryta's Those Who Wish Me Dead. I'm loving it.

Not really sure where to post this.  Just like to announce that my new book has been released.  I've attached a link to the amazon page.  It's written by a LAPD Detective.

I read all these reports, but seldom feel I can contribute. However a couple of mentions of Robert Crais' latest books have spurred me. I read everything Crais wrote till about 2 years ago and since then haven't seen any till I came across 'Promise' and 'Suspect' together in a second hand bookstore. This was almost too goood to be happening and I loved both of these excellent books. 'Suspect' gets a 10 out of 10 in my opinion, and 'Promise gets 8. ( I seldom rate anything higher than 7 ).Other good books read lately are Sandford's 'Gathering Prey'. This too gets an 8 . I love Sandford's continuity of characters and in this one Letty is given a prime part.

Now on the disappointment side - I recently finished Chris Ryan's 'Greed' and was not a 'happy camper'.. Some very 'off'  technical descriptions and a totally inexplicable decision by his main character in the final pages. -I rate this as a '4'

My next in line is Simon Kernick's 'The Final Minute'

Great to hear your enthusiasm for Robert Crais' Suspect. I loved the book, too. Haven't gotten to Promise yet. Also, I second your praise of John Sandford's Gathering Prey. He's another of my favorite authors, and I agree that his use of Letty in this one is excellent. Love the entire Prey series


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