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"The Last Mortal Man" by Syne Mitchell, and "Greywalker" by Kat Richardson. Both are wonderful!

I finished 13 Bullets, and started The Blue Zone by Andrew Gross and finished it in a little over 4 1/2 hours, and read Ladykiller last night, getting ready to start Pattern of Vengeance by C. Hyytinen.

Thank you to all for your wonderful comments, and please keep them coming.
Crook as Rookwood by Chris Nyst. Terrific Australian legal mystery dealing with police and political corruption.
I just finished The Terror last night (well, very, very early this morning) and, whew. I do recommend it, but it's not quite the book you expect. The "terror" hunting the men from the two ships actually makes very few appearances, but Simmons keeps tension up by presenting the men with other challenges and problems. It's kind of strange, I would read for a while, feeling like I hadn't gotten very far, only to discover I was farther along than I thought. Honestly, it's a tough book to give my thoughts about, it's so big and so much happens that I feel like I need to read it again before I can really clearly say much.

My one complaint would be that there are a couple of "strings" left loose at the end that, personally, I would have liked to see tied up, but as they were not really necessary to the completion of the story, it wasn't a hindrance or a huge loss. It was just a minor personal thing.

Overall I do recommend the book, because the big bad guy doesn't turn out to be quite what you expect and that's a nice change, and really, Simmons does a good job of writing a realistic account of two ships full of men trapped in pack ice for roughly a year and half, trying to avoid getting eaten.
I'm 50 pages into a swedish book in translation, Sun Storm by Asa Larsson, and I'm very impressed so far. Compelling writing and characterisation - the author is very good at depicting the rather poisonous atmosphere of the legal professional at it's worst (I'm a jaundiced ex-lawyer!!).

Have to say I wasn't gripped by Final Curtain, didn't finish it.
My list is rather long. I am reading:
  • an ARC of Silence by Thomas Perry
  • an ARC of The Concrete Maze by Steven Torres
  • The Big Blind by Ray Banks
Then I am reading (In no order)
  • The Right Madness by James Crumley
  • Street Raised by Pearce Hansen
  • Poison Pen by Shelia Lowe
  • A Dangerous Man by Charlie Huston
  • Gun Monkeys by Victor Gischler
  • The Night Gardener by George Pelecanos
  • What the Dead Know by Laura Lippman
  • Soul Circus by George Pelecanos
You have an ARC of a new Thomas Perry? Have I mentioned what a wonderful, kind person you are Kev?
I just finished THE WATCHMAN by Robert Crais and think this one brings him back on track.

Now I am reading the very likable Stealing the Dragon by Tim Maleeny and think it will likely be my favorite first novel of 2007. This guy can write a story with very intersting new protagonists in Cape and Sally set in current day San Fransisco plus Tokyo and Hong Kong. Man that woman has an awesome tattoo!

After reading all the posts here I am off to purchase DOPE, BIG CITY, BAD BLOOD, and GUN MONKEYS. Ah the "To Be Read Tower", how she leans!!

Gumshoe Carl
I'm in the middle of Dennis Lehane's Gone Baby Gone and just finished Christine Kling's latest, Wreckers' Key. Before that, it was The Strangler by William Landay and John Harvey's first Frank Elder novel. I've got Randy Wayne White's just released Hunter's Moon at the top of the TBR stack, but I may have overdosed on Florida books after reading Hiaasen and James Hall while watching spring training games in March and since then the Kling. Now that the season is underway, maybe I'll start Lights Out by Jason Starr. I've got Ridng With John Wayne by Aaron Latham, a book I had never heard about until the other day out of the library. Another possibility is a new Canadian mystery with a hockey connection titled Body Contact by Terry Carroll. And the two older Ken Kuhlken mysteries I found in Haslam's in St. Petersburg are waiting. I had been trying to find his books for several years.
I am currently reading UNDER ORDERS by Dick Francis
3 deaths in one day at a race meeting is a bit traumatic, especially when one of them is the murder of a jockey.
In this, the most recent of the Sid Halley novels, Sid becomes involved as the dead jockey has already left 2 pleading messages on his answering machine. Sid is convinced that the jockey and his trainer are somehow involved in race fixing
Francis has had a 6 year break in publications and this book has been long anticipated by his fans. I am enjoying it thoroughly
I just finished The Watchman by Crais and loved it. I'm now reading Paranoia by Joe Finder. Joe gave me the recommendation after I asked him about his work. I'm really enjoying this book. Reading about his amazing Adam Cassidy character, written in the first person POV, is very intimidating to me as a new author, but it intrigues me too. I'll definitely be looking for more of Joe's books.
Wow!!! What an ending to Paranoia!! Loved the book.


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