Weren't we supposed to be planning "the heist to end all heists?"

So, what are we gonna steal? Let's start by deciding that and take it from there.

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Angelina Jolie may have something to say about that. Then again, she's getting close to her usual "bored with" date, so maybe she wouldn't mind.
How about stealing Dan Brown's royalties?
So much easier than stealing the Mona Lisa!
And how come we can't use a train for our get away?
Merrill, I love the train idea, but only if we can use that new French bullet train that goes more than 300 miles per hour. - Pat
Can we just do it all? There are so many great ideas here and there are a lot of us so we should be able to coordinate the effort and steal the gold statues, replace David with a blow up model, highjack a rocket ship and get hold of Dan Brown's royalties along with all the rest of what I missed. Might want to hold off on the nuclear detonation as in the long run it would get us too. First, we have to get the rockets to Mars and build a settlement there.

Why do I feel like Dresden meets Buffy on Star Trek in a Sting episode is about to happen?? Where are my meds when I need them?


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