I just followed the NoirCon link from Sarah's blog. What do you all think? Who's doing both? Who's doing just one? Is NoirCon likely to attract fewer people (a bonus in my mind)? Anyone have more details?

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I hear ya, Neil. I had much the same reaction when the folks running the Chicago Bouchercon decided in their infinite wisdom that they just had to have the con a month early (over the Labor Day weekend), which coincided with the first day of school out here in Seattle. Since I teach as well, no way in hell I could make that gig.
Yeah, I'd go to this. Will an American passport get me into Philadelphia?
Just for posting that joke you went on a list somewhere. Enjoy Guantánamo.
Ooooooh, I love the sound of Noircon. However, for the first time in years, I might have to miss out on all conventions next year. I'm going to Alaska this year and LCC Hawaii in 2009 and for both the air fares are horendously expensive. But these are places I might never get to go to again, so I'm going to make sure I make the most of the opportunity. I'd like to make one convention in the US next year but I was already struggling to decide between Bouchercon in Baltimore and LCC in Denver. Now I have a third (and great sounding one) to add into the mix. Oh, to win the lottery this weekend.
I'm not sure that I want any part of a mysterycon that doesn't have a Donna Moore component to it.
You will go to Baltimore, end of debate. See, wasn't that simple?


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