Lying down is mine. I generally read for about an hour before going to sleep at night, mostly on the couch in the living room. If my Not-Wife is watching a particularly annoying reality TV show (ie, all of them), I'll often head up to the bedroom and have a good read. Quiet, you in the back. Quit your sniggering. I said good read.

Problem is, after a long day at the office, it's very easy to nod off, leaving me wide awake until about 1 or 2am. So sometimes I make a point of reading while seated, but it feels unnatural to me, having read lying down for most of my life.

Now you've all probably had an insight into my private life that you'd rather do without. If you're not in the corner, rocking, whimpering, and sucking on your thumb, I'd like to know ...

... what's your favourite position?

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My favorite is lying on the couch. However, I usually end up sitting in a chair with two cats on my lap. Makes it a little difficult to read, but I won't dump the cats.
I don't have any moggies at the mo, but how well I remember contorting myself into strange positions to accommodate them. Not to mention ending up on many occasions with a bladder like a haggis as everything was put off to avoid disturbing the furries... who could go from fast asleep to indignant at being moved to fast asleep again in about 30 seconds flat anyway!
Sitting in a rocking chair in the sun streaming in on a cold winters day.
Lying down in bed with the book propped up on a pillow / conveniently sleeping dog.
Sitting at the dinner table whilst eating
Sitting down at our favourite table in the local pub

It's an even more favoured position if I know I should be doing something "important" somewhere else :)
Lying down on my couch or sitting in my butterfly chair-cum-window seat if it's an early Sunday morning.
I'm the same as you, Daniel. By and large I lie down to read as well. Seems to aid concentration. Exceptions are when I'm travelling. But when at home if I want to read I head for either the bedroom or the futon in the spare room (which gets the afternoon sun). (librarians cover you eyes now). A soak in the bath with a good book is also something I also do frequently
Not that I've finished rocking, whimpering and sucking on my thumb...

No, it's not my favourite position.

Lying, or sitting on the floor, is. Like you, Daniel, if I lie on the couch I can guarantee I'll be asleep within moments. I like reading in bed, too, but the same problem applies. Oh, and reading a great book in a bubble bath. Now that's luxury.
I will read anywhere and in any position, but lying in bed is my favourite place. Swinging gently in the hammock with a drink within easy reach comes a close second, along with a nice bubble bath.
Yup, I generally read lying down, too. If I'm reading a large hardcover, though, I find sitting up is best. Saves getting sore hands and the odd bump on the head. (Yes, I'm clumsy. Dropping the book I'm reading on my own head is an option under those circumstances. There again, the big blonde monkey has been known to drop the book he's reading on my head, too. Perhaps I'm just lucky that way.)
In the bath. Or on a long distance train ride with a sleeping child :)
Sitting on the sofa in the living room with music playing, a fire going and a glass of wine. This is where you'll find me around five most days. Second best: on the bus on the way to work. I used to say lying down, but now I fall asleep.
I don't necessarily know if its my favorite reading position but I spend most of my reading time standing because I spend 2 hours on the subway everyday
I'll read anywhere - kitchen table, couch, bathroom (giant basket o' books in there as both the hubster & I are voracious readers), bathtub, bed, in the car when stuck in traffic, at a coffee house or restaurant waiting for drinks or food, waiting in line at the grocery store...well, you get the pic. The one place I don't like to read is in front of the computer while waiting for something to upload/download. I'm too focused on waiting for the task to be finished to get into reading.


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