Lying down is mine. I generally read for about an hour before going to sleep at night, mostly on the couch in the living room. If my Not-Wife is watching a particularly annoying reality TV show (ie, all of them), I'll often head up to the bedroom and have a good read. Quiet, you in the back. Quit your sniggering. I said good read.

Problem is, after a long day at the office, it's very easy to nod off, leaving me wide awake until about 1 or 2am. So sometimes I make a point of reading while seated, but it feels unnatural to me, having read lying down for most of my life.

Now you've all probably had an insight into my private life that you'd rather do without. If you're not in the corner, rocking, whimpering, and sucking on your thumb, I'd like to know ...

... what's your favourite position?

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in bed, on my side, one hand propping up my head, the other holding the book. ouch! my wrist!
this is why i don't like to read hardcovers. too bulky and heavy.

heh -- the google ads are funny.
We have this couch and love seat in our family room. Both ends of each piece of furniture recline. My favorite spot is on the couch, specifically the end that is on the side of the end table where I can grab whatever it is I'm drinking w/my left hand (which is kind of weird considering I'm right-handed). But I tried sitting on the love seat, specifically the end that hits the end table from the other side so that I would need to grab drinks w/my right hand. Can't do it. I mean, I CAN do it. But it feels awkward. So Daniel? In answer to your question, my favorite place to read is the left side of my couch with the end reclined just to the first notch, not back all the way, and my left leg sprawled over the arm. Not my arm. The couch's arm. :)
I also have a reclining couch (yea lazyboy!!). I'm completely spoiled. I sit on the right end of the couch-my laptop, books, a drink, all necessary remotes, cellphone and apartment phone are close at hand. If my husband is at home I often don't even have to get up to get anything. If only the bathroom were closer...
Lying in bed is my favourite, but I will also curl up in an armchair in the living room sometimes. As in, when Evil Kev isn't home polluting the air with multiple electronic gizmos running simultaneously in five rooms.
I find it very uncomfortable to read lying down (something always falls asleep or starts to ache), so I prefer to curl up on the couch or in the recliner. A cup of hot tea is within reach and if it's cold, I might have a blanket over my legs.
In the loo.
I read the majority of time in the bedroom but not lying down. I have a rather large, low table by the bed that holds the books on my immediate TBR, a lamp, a radio/tape player for when I want to listen to a book and my bedroom phone and other paraphenalia that for some reason I think I need at all times. I sit on the edge of the bed and read between one and a half to two hours a night.

I used to read lying down but all the library books are hard bound and too heavy to hold what with arthritic hands and wrists. I often miss being able to lie down to read and I try it when I'm reading a paperback but as someone else said that's an almost sure way to go to sleep.

By the way thanks for the tip about where to post things. I jumped the gun a bit with that before I had really become familiar enough with the options.
Standing, sitting, lying down, reclined, walking... it makes no difference to me. If I have a few spare moments, I'm usually reading.

I get on the train to and from work at busy stops, so I usually have to stand. I read as I'm walking to and from the train stop, too. At home, I'll drop on the couch and read while sitting or reclining. I also read in bed sometimes... but not too often because I usually get to sleep fast.
What a fun question....I can read lying down but not just before I go to sleep...keeps me awake...the couch either sitting, lying or slumping or a combination of all three...with a good light, cuppa and all three cats. In the summer I prefer the deck chair under the shade of the umbrella and tall cool drink or two.
Well, I will really read anywhere I can hold a book.

Mostly it is either in bed (even better if it is pouring with rain outside). Gently swaying in the hammock with a glass of wine nearby (weekend activity) or in a bubble bath.

As I live in the tropics my dream favourite position is curled up in a comfy chair in front of a fire :)


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