I just noticed crimespace has 500 members. I really don't know how I managed to waste time before I joined this network. (The wonderful 4_mystery_addicts group has helped, but it can only do so much.) Thanks, Daniel - I have now become a tremendously efficient procrastinator, RSS feeds and all.

Do other people have hints about parts of crimespace, other than the forums, that can help me avoid doing any work at all?

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You can scroll through the blogs - not all of them are featured on the home page of the site.

4MA has been really quiet today and I'm going through withdrawal. :(

I find I'm reading fewer blogs than ever, as a lot of people are cross posting over here, either on the blog or on the forum, and the discussions here are livelier as a rule. And it's not helping me get any work done!
I love 4MA too. I can't get into that from work though, and I can Crimespace so that's great! I can browse around at lunchtimes.

I've really been enjoying the Forum discussions and I've been dipping into peoples' blogs on here, and I've been having fun putting some stuff up myself (I never thought I would do a blog - and I wouldn't do a normal one, as I don't feel I have anything worthwhile to say, but this on here feels less formal and more chatty and personal), And I've been enjoying myself with the videos section. There's some music that I haven't heard for ages, and the film stuff is good too.
I am not crossposting on my blog. That's where I put down the things that are on my mind that have not much, if anything, to do with writing mysteries or suspense novels. I just changed the name of my blog and changed it on my own page here at Crimespace too, but for anybody who doesn't like to wait and might want to read it, it's www.thecompassionatecurmudgeon.blogspot.com . As for wasting time on crimespace, i read the forums and that takes more time than I have, for now anyway. I enjoy this place a LOT.
What is 4 MA? Am I ever in the loop? Loopless Forever, Patti
4MA is 4 Mystery Addicts. I was led there by LC Fraser, and it is wonderful. A really enthusiastic, generous, engaging group of people who are passionate about their mysteries. Maddy and Em, two of the moderators, are on here, as are a number of readers from the list. Gumshoe Carl, LC, Merlot, Jen, Rose... but if I start making a list I'll miss someone and feel guilty so I'll stop there.
Barbara - I can highly recommend everyone's blogs as well - some of the entries there have been hilarious - and they are wildly random so the experience is a bit different from 4MA (but not that different :) )

Stay away from Donna's video and music clips though - it does tend to leave you charging around upstairs looking for obscure albums to see if she can't truly really be a fan of the same band as me!!!!!!!!! or is that just me
Is there any way to see all the blogs, the way you can look at all the videos and photos? The main page has featured blogs, but there must be lots more. Or do I just have to click on all the members individually to find them?

And I know what you mean about some of Donna's video clips, so it's not just you! Some other people's clips have the same effect too.
Actually, you can follow blogs one of two ways. Either click on the RSS button at the bottom of the selection of blog postings on the front page, which will create a feed of all new posts on all crimespace blogs, or you can choose particular blogs you want to follow and click on the RSS feed button on their pages.

You can create a Blogline account to aggregate them (sign up at http://www.bloglines.com), or if you use Firefox, add them to your feed toolbar.

I've learned many ways to avoid work, thanks to you all....
"Do other people have hints about parts of crimespace, other than the forums, that can help me avoid doing any work at all?"

It's usually a good idea to stay from Neil Smith and Victor Gischler...those two will lead you astray. There's a whole contingent of Aussies in here now...while I have an open mind about them it makes sense to keep your eyes open always.

And then there's Sandra Ruttan...
Wise move - we're sneaky we Australians. Before you know it, we'll all be forcing you to read Shane Maloney and you'll be craving vegemite.
I've MET Shane Maloney! Looks very rough in a bar at 5 am on a Sunday morning...

He should really join this site.


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