This is the niftiest little website. I love that you can even stick in a little poll over there on the side. That little poll, bless its heart, cracks me up. It's not the first poll that asks: are you a reader or a writer? I hear that question all the time, all over the place.

I don't know how to answer it, LOL. Well, see, I was a reader first. I read for years and years and years, did a little writing around there, but then after school, I resumed only reading. I've been writing for about a decade, even get a few pennies, but I've never stopped reading.

If I had to choose just one, what would I choose? Would I give up reading so I can write? Or would I give up writing to read? Do people really stop being readers when they start being writers? Which do I do more?

Well, writing, but I feel I *should* do more reading than writing to be a good writer. But then I've read more books than I've written, that's for sure.


Which are you more of? More reader? More writer? What would you choose, if you had to choose??

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If I absolutely had to choose, I would rather be a writer than a reader. Only problem is, I don't see how you can be a decent writer if you don't read.

With the poll, I'm assuming that you still read even if you don't answer that way. I'm just trying to get a breakdown of the membership on Crimespace so I can cook up some new features. And thank you for blessing the poll's heart. It really does appreciate it. :)
Figured as much. I just had this insane hesitation to click "writer," as if it meant I couldn't read anymore. I love books! I want to be a reader! I don't want to give them up! :-)

I'm also the type of person who reads every single word in anything I sign, LOL.
That's so funny...I used the basic logic that if you're a writer, you also have to be a reader, though the reverse isn't necessarily true. So, I, uh, clicked writer.
Was it the name changed only or the gender? It'll make it easier to place bets on the ID...

Best advice I ever got: Keep Reading - Ian Rankin.
That's why I picked "Publisher" :)

Actually I'd have to say I'm a reader first and a writer second and a publisher third...

Since you have to understand the previous in order to become the following.

Okay, Okay, starting with the first in the chain I'd have to say I'm a Reader.
LOLOL ... isn't it hard to choose?
If I had to give up one, it would reading. It would force me to write more, so I would have more :)
What a wonderful dissertation, I write, I read, I read, I write. We were all readers first.

Words are a funny business, sometimes we eat them...sometimes we have to write them to eat...
LOLOL, Dennis. That's why I prefer writing to talking. You've got editing time before someone makes you eat your words!
Oh, B.G., that is REALLY cool! I found your story; and it certainly is a story! I'm going to have to re-visit that site often. I don't know that I could come up with a six-word story. It would be hard!
I've been more a writer than reader since I graduated from college. But I don't know how anyone can write today without knowing "what's out there."
I was an avid reader until I became a writer, now I find it hard to enjoy being a reader because I can't turn off the writer. =)


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