This is the niftiest little website. I love that you can even stick in a little poll over there on the side. That little poll, bless its heart, cracks me up. It's not the first poll that asks: are you a reader or a writer? I hear that question all the time, all over the place.

I don't know how to answer it, LOL. Well, see, I was a reader first. I read for years and years and years, did a little writing around there, but then after school, I resumed only reading. I've been writing for about a decade, even get a few pennies, but I've never stopped reading.

If I had to choose just one, what would I choose? Would I give up reading so I can write? Or would I give up writing to read? Do people really stop being readers when they start being writers? Which do I do more?

Well, writing, but I feel I *should* do more reading than writing to be a good writer. But then I've read more books than I've written, that's for sure.


Which are you more of? More reader? More writer? What would you choose, if you had to choose??

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Terri, I've been having the same problem. Do you find that it infects your TV-watching and movie-watching, too?
Not so much because, although most movies are predictable, I don't subconsiously look for passive voice or over use of adverbs. haha
if i had to choose i would have to choose writer. for me it's daydreaming on paper -- something i don't think i could live without.
Daydreaming! That's such a good way to put it! The first time I finished a story, it took me ten minutes to fall asleep. It was such a relief! Since second grade, it's always taken at least two hours, because the mind just wants to make up stories and stories and stories. Good point, Anne!


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