(Okay, I promise I won't start a discussion tomorrow) but I wanted to say Happy Birthday to one of our own, the sensational, vivacious, "Doesn't she look like Grace Kelly?" Cornelia Read.

I'd sing, but that wouldn't be a gift.

Have a good one C.

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Happy birthday, Cornelia!
Bah, I already said it to her. ;)
Yes, but Daniel, for you it's already tomorrow so you'd better be ahead of the rest of us, or else you're behind.
Now I feel like a dog chasing its tail. Dizzy.
Happy Birthday, Cornelia!
You look mahvelous, Cornelia.
Dude Sandra, you are awesome! Someday we must sing together. This will require a boatload of tequila, I think. And earplugs for everyone else.
Oh, tequila and earplugs are both essentials. ;)
And thank you, you guys... 44 is starting out with an auspicious bent.
Happy BD, Cornelia!
happy birthday, cornelia!
Happy birthday, Cornelia, and congratulations, Ms. Best First Novel Edgar Nominee. Woo-hoo!


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