Who's planning to make the trek to Anchorage for B-Con this year? It's a seven-hour, $700 flight from Dallas. I imagine there will be a heavy contigent from the West Coast, but what about from the rest of the Lower 48?

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I will be there. It'll be my first day of school, so to speak. My first Mystery/Crime related con. I'm gonna be pimping my new novel MONEY SHOT coming from Hard Case Crime in Feb 08, plus I've never been to Alaska. Should be an adventure in more ways than one.
Man, Harry, I don't know, I'm having the same struggle as a lot of folks on this thread.
I'm about 85% leaned toward the "no" side, I think. What about you, Mr. Moderator? Are you and Alison going?
Probably so. My third book will be a month old at the point, and it does look like the event will be smaller than usual which is nice. I've booked a hotel room but haven't pulled the plug on airline tickets. If I go, I don't know that Alison will make the trek with me. She's going to the Edgar's and Thrillerfest, and one more book event might be too much for her.
I was actually considering Thirllerfest, but hadn't decided. Guess I'd probably better get cracking if I'm going. What's the name of the new book?
CROSSHAIRS. Because there's people shooting at each other with scopes and whatnot.
It's a budget buster for me too. Something like $850 to fly from here. Plus, South Dakota Festival of the Book is that same weekend in Deadwood, so I'll probably sell a lot more books there anyway. Especially, since it'll be a month before Shallow Grave is out.

Definitely going to LCC in Denver in 2008. And Baltimore.
Same here. While I'd love to travel there, I'll have done three cons by that point this year, plus I'm producing an indie film at the same time as finishing book 3, so I'll probably just be an incoherent mess. (Okay, more incoherent and messier than usual.)
My wife and I had hoped to go, because it would be cool to see Alaska.... But that was a couple years ago, before the baby. So now it's a big N O.

We will be at Thrillerfest, though.
All three of you?

I look forward to meeting the family, dude.
It's a no for me. Would love to go to Alaska and my husband and I even talked about taking our daughter out of school and making a real vacation out of it, but the train to Denali stops running two weeks beforehand, and what's the point of going to Alaska if we're just going to a city? Somehow that seems wrong. And it's way expensive and a long flight from New England.

Going to Mayhem in May. On the fence about Thrillerfest. Depends on cash flow.

Baltimore, for sure, though. And probably LCC in Denver. New book is out in November.
I'm registered and have a hotel reservation, but I'm trying not to think about the 12-hour flight each way between DC and Anchorage. Only seven hours from Dallas? Ha!
Harry can be such a whiner, right Sandra? He'd better man up if he's going to the last frontier.


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